Turkey Might Cause Food Poisoning This Year

Food Poisoning

Since Turkey Day is near, animals lovers should know while the advocates of food safety should be more vigilant. However, the Turkey producers would definitely want you to know this information.

Since the latest outbreak of turkey salmonella across 35 states which resulted in 63 hospitalizations while 1 death.

CDC said, “The outbreak strain of Salmonella Reading has been identified in various raw turkey products, including ground turkey and turkey patties. The outbreak strain has also been found in raw turkey pet food and live turkeys, indicating it might be widespread in the turkey industry.”

You might also remember the Avian Flue for which around 7.5 million turkeys were killed as prevention, back in the year 2015. In fact, 233 workers were laid off by Jennieo giant.

Furthermore, the incident at the Bloomberg School that is a center for Livable Future and Arizona State’s Biodesign Institute. There was found out Benadryl, Tylenol,  statins and Prozac, and caffeine,  in samples of feather meal that counted in U.S. turkeys.

Rolf Halden from Arizona State University, co-author of the study revealed, “A surprisingly broad spectrum of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.”

Conclusively, Butterball might also not want you to remember that an enormous number of its workforce become sick due to animal cruelty. And such human abuses were mentioned as an imminent raid and were given to detectives of Hoke Country by Dr. Sarah Mason for investigation.

So it is highly recommended to be aware of the food safety issues and doesn’t rely upon the labels of the birds. Because many labels are there to mislead you. For instance, hormone free, cage free; they are simply meaningless as hormones and cages are neither used in the production of turkeys.

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In fact, young turkeys are also not a matter to relax because, at the slaughter time, all turkey have the same age.

Thereby, follow the recommendations of CDC for safety measures while preparing and cooking a turkey. However, it was said that “not advising that consumers avoid eating properly cooked turkey products” altogether.


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