Tubemate for PC: Download Latest Version of Tubemate for Windows

Tubemate For PC

How many people don’t have any idea on YouTube currently? Hopefully, you need to struggle to find a single person. Currently, more than 2.3 million YouTube users use this social media platform. Not only that, nearly 79 percent of internet users have personal YouTube accounts. So, how is this thing possible? You know, YouTube has billions of various types of video content. People enter YouTube to watch their preferred videos via the internet. Naturally, some videos attract our eyes mostly, and we want to watch them frequently, but net consumption retard us to do that. Thankfully, the TubeMate app allows us to download offline videos easily. Though it is an APK file, how could you get TubeMate for PC?

We are here to give you a better insight into your searching topic. So, let’s continue with the following discussion.

Features of TubeMate

Do you like any video and want to store that on your device? Well, for you, TubeMate offers a downloading video facility from YouTube without any charge. You can easily keep your preferred tutorials, entertainment videos, guides, etc. directly from YouTube without any premium subscription. However, let’s see what features you will find in the TubeMate app.

Download YouTube Video Easily

If you have no intention to get a YouTube premium, you can use the TubeMate app to get a blissful video downloading service. You know that continuously watching the same video will lessen your existing data. To help you, TubeMate saves your choice content; hence it will lessen your data charge by avoiding listening to the same content continuously.

Interestingly, the developer continuously brings updates to fix existing bugs. Also, most of the time, a new update brings new features. Although the new update comes, you can run that in your older android version easily. Moreover, the latest update attached a new feature that will keep your device screen awake while watching videos.

Notably, if you encounter any lags while downloading videos, it may indicate you are using an old android version, slow download speed, or multiple video downloads at the same time.

Download speed

This is indeed an interesting feature, like, TubeMate allows you to set download speed. Interestingly, this feature will minimize the download-related burden on your device. Also, that feature will help you while multiple users use the internet at the same time.

Tubemate For PC

One point you need to keep in mind is that your download won’t continue with the speed you set; instead it will depend on your internet speed. Although the ISP (internet service provider) gives limitations on download speed, but you can overcome some of those using this app.

Note: You may face unstable download speed, which may drop.

In-app browser

TubeMate offers an in-app browser feature that will help you select all your desired videos and then save them. To get that, your job is to locate the video page inside the browser and then choose the download option. After finishing those steps, the download process will commence.

Another important fact is you need to choose the quality of the file that you download on your device before starting to download. You will find the only 1280x720p is available for only audio. However, the quality mainly depends on your device specification and the video you are going to download.

Interestingly, during browsing, this application allows you to play video without changing any applications. Instead, you are allowed to play the video before download using TubeMate. You can easily count this app as the alternative of the browser and app for YouTube.


One exciting feature that hopefully attracts you the most is resume paused download files. Specifically, suppose you give some files to download; meanwhile, the internet connection falls, after a while, the internet comes back again. Interestingly, when your internet connection fails, your download will pause instantly, and when the connection comes back, your download also resumes without your help. This feature is hopefully great when you need to download multiple files without reactivating each individually.

Here you will find a fast download mode, by which you can be connected with several connections to get one video simultaneously. Also, you can get any large video within a few times, but it will depend on your internet speed.

Also, you can easily limit simultaneous downloads in TubeMate 2. If you have a robust device, you can quickly turn that up simultaneously. Here you don’t need to fear crashing this TubeMate app. Moreover, the older version demands lowering that because it can’t withstand higher limits.

Interestingly, you will find the option to keep aside using your mobile data. For that, your main task is to turn the Wi-Fi option on from your settings. One point worth noting is- the downloads aren’t limited to YouTube; instead, you can download any available video.

Interface design

You already have introduced an in-app browser feature and know its usefulness. But, a problem you may face is its user interface isn’t handy enough. The user interface seems clunky, forcing you to tap on the wrong option during searching videos or managing files.

Resource usage

You will find the modest behavior of TubeMate while using resources. Moreover, the multiple download files and used settings simultaneously may crash this application. You should manage the settings carefully while using this app in your older android version.

You already know this app allows you to download several files simultaneously. Therefore, your resource consumption may skyrocket quickly. Another point that demands discussion is that your resolution options depend on your devices. Therefore, if your device has resource lackings, you can’t get files 720p or higher.

Quick and powerful downloading

This application will be a perfect choice for those who want to download their preferred video content from various streaming sites. You can easily find out your favorite video content and save them on your device.

Note: Keep the user interface-related issue in your mind. 


At one point, TubeMate lets you get YouTube videos using data and then watch those offline. But, precisely, the following amenities you will get from this application quickly.

  • The first pros you will find herein is the fast download facility using more than one connection.
  • You can download video quality based on your preference, but it depends on your device quality.
  • You can download multiple files at a time.
  • If the internet connection shuts down, your download will pause instantly, and then the files automatically resume the downloading.
  • This application allows you to convert files to MP3 using MP3 Media Converter.
  • While searching for any content, you will get related video suggestions. Also, it allows you to share the video.


  • The user interface isn’t blissful, which creates problems while tapping.

How to Download TubeMate on your PC?

So, you are looking for the process of how you can get this application on your PC. Honestly, the downloading process of TubeMate on PC isn’t complex, instead of straightforward. In this process, you need to use emulator software such as Bluestack, Nox Player, or others. Without any further ado, let’s continue the downloading process of TubeMate on PC.

  • Firstly, you need to decide which emulator software you will use in your process. We chose Bluestack because it is the more popular emulator software in this arena and user-friendly mechanism. To download that software, you need to navigate to Bluestack’s official website and then locate the download logo there.

Now, click on that logo, and then you will get an exe file on your download list. When you click on that exe file, you can easily install the Bluestack software.

  • After installing the Bluestack, you will find the logo of that software on your computer screen. Now, you need to click on that to get inside.
  • After entering Bluestack, you are asked to provide an authentic Gmail account to make it serviceable. After that, you can download any android app on your PC from the PlayStore.
  • Download Tubemate Apk and install it using Bluestacks
  • When you see the TubeMate, you need to click to get inside that application. After getting inside, you will see the install button, and your job is to click on that install logo. Now, you will see the TubeMate app automatically installed on your PC. You will find the TubeMate app’s logo on your emulator’s home screen so, click on that to enjoy the amenities.

FAQ: TubeMate for PC

Is TubeMate free?

Yes, you can download and install TubeMate without paying a single penny. After that, you can download your desired video from YouTube to your device.

Is TubeMate safe to install?

Yes, you can download and install TubeMate without facing any difficulties. You will find no user privacy-related threats. But, you won’t find it in PlayStore because of violating terms and conditions related issues. But, don’t think it isn’t safe to use. Also, you didn’t find Snaptube, Vidmate in the PlayStore.

Which app is best for YouTube video download?

If you want to download YouTube videos, you can use any of the following applications.

  • TubeMate
  • SnapTube
  • InsTube.
  • Videoder.
  • InsTube
  • NewPipe
  • VidMate.

Final Thought

Now, we are on the edge of the finishing line; hopefully, we can present you with a comprehensive discussion on TubeMate for PC. If you find this article helpful, then don’t forget to share it with your mates. Also, if you have any queries, then feel free to ask through the comment section.


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