Trends 2022 in the interior

Interior Trends 2022

In connection with the events taking place in the world, the concept of “home” means not only “a roof over your head.” It is also a space where we work, spend time both with loved ones and with ourselves, and also do sports. Therefore, there was a need to equip houses in such a way that it was comfortable, beautiful, and practical for each family member. Below are tips for arranging a harmonious interior of your home according to interior trends 2022.

Striving for minimalism 

In Eastern countries, such a technique as the rejection of unnecessary items has long been used. Install multifunctional furniture in the house, which can be easily transformed into what you need. For example, in the kitchen, not only a countertop for eating can be made from a windowsill, but also a workplace can be organized. It is very practical and convenient.

Whenever possible, use natural materials such as wood products. It is environmentally friendly and safe for your health.

We recommend paying attention to such an oriental interior style as “Japandi”. It is characterized by the use of natural products, practicality, and moderation in everything. This style has a natural palette, so you sort of establish a connection with nature.

Workspace creation

The whole world is facing the problem of a pandemic. Therefore, many companies went to remote work, and some remained in this mode. In addition, remote work in social networks is gaining high momentum now. Therefore, for many people, the issue of arranging a personal account remains relevant. 

Even if you have a small apartment, it is worth getting a nice corner for work. In this case, a good solution to the problem will be the use of multifunctional furniture, as described earlier. To make the office look cozy and comfortable, you can dilute it with paints or unusual decorative items: unusual throw pillows, a colored vase, or an asymmetric lamp.

It is worth paying attention to the zoning of your workplace so that no one can distract you from your tasks. This can be done using a screen or partitions.

A loggia will also serve as an excellent option for creating a workspace. This is practical and you will get more free space in the apartment.

Textured glass

It is considered that a lot of glass and mirrors in the house is a sign of luxury and freedom. Glass transforms any interior, especially if it is made in different forms: frosted, stained glass, ribbed. 

Textured glass products, such as vases, countertops or partitions in the shower will give a special charm to the room and it looks original.

Smooth lines

Square shapes are gradually disappearing from our everyday life. They are replaced by rounded pieces of furniture. For example, round tables and chairs with rounded backs, mirrors, lamps, and sofas. Thus, the interior of the room is “softened”. Using high-quality textures and bright decor, such as a carpet, a blanket, or unique shaped pillows on the bed, your room takes on an expensive atmosphere. 

Stone and wood products

To date, environmental friendliness and naturalness are in trend. Many people want to surround themselves with a cozy home environment and comfort. Therefore, products made of such materials are an excellent option. In addition, they will serve you for a long time and will always be relevant. Also, pay attention to the quality and characteristics of the material to be sure that it is really a high-quality thing. Using such products, choose colors based on the contrast of warm and cold shades. Fashionable colors today are also: white, beige, milk, pistachio, and almond. When making up a color combination, do not forget that the base color should be 60%, the additional color should be 30%, and the accent color – 10%. 


To date, much attention is paid to lighting in the house. Because first of all, it has an impact on a person’s well-being. That is, light can relax a person, or vice versa, adjust to the workflow. Due to the lack of lighting, a person is in tension, headaches, and fatigue may appear from this. And the establishment of a sufficient amount of light will help to avoid these problems. 

Also, properly selected lighting creates the desired atmosphere in the house or room. 

If you have a studio apartment, lighting will help highlight your zoning of the room, as well as emphasize style and individuality. In addition to zoning, you can highlight individual elements, such as mirrors or paintings. It also looks beautiful and fashionable. 

In addition, many people install day and night lights. If you want to add romance to the evening, you can leave the night lighting in the lobby.

Final thoughts 

Remember that trends help to update your apartment and bring a bit of fashion into it. However, blindly following fashion is not always good. Follow the advice that doesn’t contradict your taste. After all, this is your castle in which you should feel comfortable.



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