Trendiest Fade Haircut Styles for Men


Doing one hairstyle from the start to the end of the year can be boring. Although some men tend to make the haircuts their signature, you can break the monotony once in a while. The good news is there are many classy and unique hairstyles to try, and the fade haircuts would look good on you. 

However, although there are many different fades, you have to choose one that goes well with your facial features and the shape of the head. The fade hairstyles will also depend on your hair’s texture and length. The stylist shortens your hair on the sides and leaves more length at the top. If this is a hairstyle you would try, here are some fade haircut styles for men.

  1. Low Fade

Try the lower fade if you are looking for a masculine yet versatile cut. The stylist trims the hair around the ears and goes slightly higher up. However, more attention is paid to the hair on the lower sides of the head. The hair at the crown remains longer, and the wearer can choose how to wear it. 

2. Mid Fade

If you don’t fancy the look of the low fade, you can try the mid-fade haircut. The stylist starts trimming the hair at almost the middle of the head and lowers the blade to the ears. The final look is sleek and professional, and men of all ages can wear it. Besides, it is an easy-to-achieve and style hairdo. Learn more about Saki Shears Kohana.


3. High Fade

The high fade haircut features trimming the hair at the top and sides of the head. The good thing about this haircut is that it is not picky with the hair texture and type. However, the wearer should grow long hair at the top to make them fade more visible. Besides, you can wear the high fade in different styles like the pompadour or get a crew cut

4. Taper Fade

The taper fade is another everyday hairstyle among the youth and the seniors. The stylist cuts the hair at the sides to a shorter length than the top. However, the taper fade also has minor variations you can choose from. It is also picky with hair textures. 

5. Skin Fade

The skin fade hairstyle is easy to achieve and maintain. It is as plain as its name suggests. The stylist fades the sides until the skin is visible and leaves longer hair at the top. The final style is unique and classy, giving the wearer a structured appearance. 

6. Bald Fade

There is a difference between a bald fade and a skin fade. While the stylist leaves a small hair length on the skin fade, the scalp is bare on the bald fade. The style looks subtle and straightforward, and you can style it in many ways. You can also choose the hair length you want to remain at the top but have bald sides shaved. 


7. Comb Over Fade

The comb-over fade haircut was an everyday look in the previous centuries, and it comes back with a more modern feel. The guys love it because it gives a masculine feel and appearance. Besides, you can choose how to style the hair however you want it. There is also the freedom to experiment with different fades, and you should choose one that flaunts your facial features. 

8. Drop Fade

Are you looking for a structured and precise hairdo? The drop fade is a good style. The style creates more attention on the hair at the crown. It drops ow and goes all the way to the back of the ears to make an arc appearance. The wearers have different ways to style, depending on your hair length and preference. 

9. Temp Fade

Temp fades are common among men who are about class and fashion. The hairstyle features a taper around the temple, and it is a good hairdo for enhancing your hairline. Besides, you can style it in different ways to suit your fashion taste and preference. However, you have to be ready for maintenance, which means more barber visits.



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