treat a hematoma

Hematoma contains many symptoms such as swelling, pain, and bruises on the face, legs or arms.

Hematoma can occur in many different positions on the body. Otherwise, you might probably limit your daily activities.

Learn more causes and how to treat a hematoma at home in this article.

Causes of a hematoma?

You are easy to get hematoma after an accident, fall or collisions in activities. After that, the blood vessels will be rupture then form the black blood under your skin.

The bruise will change blue when blood vessels are damaged and the blood pigment is absorbed.

How to treat a hematoma at home

1. Cold compress

Cold compress should be done in the first 48 hours. It is also very good for puffy eyes and bacterial vaginosis.

Make sure that wrap ice cubes into a clean towel then apply directly to the affected location to rest the pain and stimulate blood vessel.

Potentially, cold compress might probably remove bruise faster.

2. Margarine

Seem you have never heard that margarine might cure hematoma but it is true. Margarine will soothe pain and swelling from the wound.

On the other hand, it can prevent further complications from the hematoma. You can use this instead of ice packs.

3. Fresh onion

This is a great component for heal hematoma quickly and easily. However, do not apply fresh onions onto an open area. It can cause infection and inflammation.

4. Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps reduce inflammation, swelling and bruising.

Try to mix a few slices of onions with apple cider vinegar then apply to the affected areas to eliminate the symptoms.

Another option is using a cotton ball then soaks with apple cider vinegar.

5. Diet

Diet plays a big role in the healing duration of hematoma. You should consume more vitamin C and fiber to ease swelling and pain.

Moreover, avoiding alcohol is also important. Some kind of vitamin C such as oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines you might intake daily.

6. Coffee

Try to use a cotton swab then dip it in black coffee then apply to the affected location for 10 minutes. Otherwise, use coffee powder to reduce bruising skin.

This is s great tip to get rid of a hematoma and prevent complication.

7.Coconut oil

This method is a great home remedy for shortening your healing process. It reduces pain and swelling in the affected sites.

Make sure add a few coconut oils then apply directly to the hematoma position. You can recognize the effectiveness for a couple of hours later.

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