Top Trends in Fashion Scrubs for Nurses

Fashion Scrubs for Nurses

The nursing uniform has gone through massive transformations, from full-length white dresses to stylish and colorful scrubs. Even with new trends evolving over all these years, the comfy fashion scrubs for Nurses to perform their duties smoothly.

Nurses are eager to experiment with the scrub style to feel confident and comfortable, even in the toughest hours of their shifts. With more nurses now looking for functional workwear requiring minimal unique treatments, the landscape of fashion scrubs for nurses is rapidly changing. Here are a few top trends in fashion scrubs.

Choosing Between Tuck-in and Tuck-out Scrub Tops

Whether you tuck in or out your scrub tops, you are sure to feel comfortable during your work hours. Choosing the right tucking style ultimately depends on your comfort level. 

Typically, you can get these scrub tops featuring a single chest pocket. So, with the tuck in and out options, you need not worry about pockets anymore!

Moreover, these tops have side slits, giving your sufficient room to tuck them.

Cheerful Printed Scrub Tops

Gone are those days when nurses walked in dull uniforms. Now, you have plenty of options, from printed to solid color scrubs. Then there are bright-colored prints, which are subtle and yet fun to wear.  

Each day you have to interact with patients, and printed scrubs in attractive colors are the best way to lighten their moods.

The Athletic Style

If you are a busy nurse, then a scrub with an athletic style quotient is the best choice. These sporty scrubs, made from top quality fabric, are stretchy and have a blend of cotton or polyester and spandex.

These scrubs have a moisture-absorbing capability and thus dry out quickly. Moreover, they are lightweight, durable, and last for several washes.

The Trending Y-Neck Mock Wrap Scrub Tops

The Y-neck mock wrap scrub tops are a big hit among the fashion scrubs for nurses. The first thing you notice about these tops is the multiple pockets they feature. They include two power pockets and a signature triple pocket. 

These scrub tops come in short sleeves with a trimmed neckline.

With so many pockets, these tops come in soft poly-cotton fabric, making them super functional and yet trendy.

The Double Advantage of Reversible Scrubs

As a busy nurse, you will have exhaustive 10+ hour shifts, where you always require to look flawless and neat. You might not have time to wash your scrubs from the previous work shifts. 

So, what do you do? The most straightforward fix for your dilemma is to go for the double-stitched reversible seams, which are super functional, comfortable, and yet very much in trend.

The reversible scrubs are the best alternative for those who don’t even have time to change a fresh pair of scrub sets. They come in a poly-cotton blend and are durable enough to withstand heavy-duty laundering.

Moreover, they are highly fade-resistant, ensuring you can wear them inside out and outside in, without worrying about switching to a new scrub set for every shift.

The fashion trends for scrubs have come a full circle, evolving with the changing preferences and needs of healthcare practitioners. The latest scrub trends are a testament for how the style quotient and functionality can co-exist, enabling you to perform your duties with full pride.


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