Top SEO Ranking Factors

Hi Everyone, as a blogger/marketing expert you should know some of the Google Ranking Factors 1st for a successful blogging career. Have a look at important Google factors below:

  • Domain Factors
  • Page-Level Factors
  • Site Level Factors
  • Backlink Factors
  • User Interaction Factors
  • Special Algorithm Rules
  • Social Signal Factors
  • Brand Signals
  • On-Site WebSpam Factors
  • Off Page Webspam Factors

Having a look at all the google indexing & ranking factors, you may think it is complex but everything is simple. Only thing is you have to do is sparing some time to read all the factors. Really knowing all factors of ranking, you will proceed to the pro blogger level.

I think you already know about the Google Panda / Google Algorithm. Every time some of the bloggers facing issues when it updates. So one must take care of it by knowing the important factors of Google Rankings which mentioned above. To know more about those Google ranking factors just hit in this document further.

Domain Factors for Google Ranking :

  • Domain Age: Actually it doesn’t matter when the difference between domains is in months or a year. ( example: domain with 5 or 6 months old against 1-year-old one is not really a big deal but when the domains age difference is huge – higher one will be preferred to rank in Google)
  • If you have your keyword in your domain name will be taken as a relevancy signal to give little preference to dance our website results further in Google.
  • Having Keywords in Subdomain names can also boost ranks.

Page Level Factors for Search Engine Rankings :

  • Keywords in Title Tag: The Web page title tags are the second important piece of content which sends strong ON PAGE SEO signal to the Google / any other search engines. But using keywords in title tags will perform & gives you better results than others. To know how to write it & rank, you should know Creative Writing Tips of SEO.
  • Keywords in Description Tags is also one of the relevant ranking signals to Search Engines like Google Bing etc.
  • Keywords in Heading Tags like H1..H6 is really helpful in ranking a website. But H1 is the best Google relevant signal than H6.
  • Content-Length, Keyword Density & Page Loading Speed is also taken into consideration by many search engines as major ranking factors to get Google high ranks.
  • Duplicate Content is the massive burden to a website, To get a gold medal for your blog in Google Olympics first you should unload the duplicate content from the blog/website.
  • Image Optimization like alt text, the title is also good relevance signals for Google Rankings
  • Frequent Content Updates – Ping will be created again if you add content to your previously existing blog post.
  • Grammar & Spellings: Proper spellings & grammar usage is a quality signal for higher search rankings.
  • High Outbound links deducts PR but using high images videos music will enhance the quality of a blog post or page.
  • Pointing Internal links: If internal links point to a page It will enhance its rank than others.
  • Broken Links: Broken links of a page/post should be cremated otherwise Google considers it as a deserted site.
  • Affiliate Links: These don’t affect your ranking but if u have many links on post-Google bots will look at urs page with a magnifying glass of factors.
  • Domain Authority & Page Rank of Page: Having these factors will drag u to the tops of the search market.

Site Level Factors for Successful Blogging :

  • Trust Rank: It is based on how many trusted sites giving importance to you with their blog links. Really an important factor in SE Ranking.
  • Site Architecture
  • Presenting Sitemap: It allows your blog to index with ease
  • Site Uptime: Time taken by site maintenance will sweep your blog ranking a little like deindexing.
  • Mobile Optimized blog: These days mobile world had turned into a big universe. So people always search in their smartphones. So Google Pays attention to mobile-optimized blogs first than other websites.
  • User Reviews/Site reputation plays an important task in Google Algorithms.

Backlink Factors for Building Blog into Famous Blog :

  • Aged Domain Links: Building aged domain links will enhance your blog speed to reach the top page of Google.
  • Number of Linking Pages: Linking Pages from the same domain or other is also an important rank boosting factor
  • Alt Tags For Images: Alt Text is similar to Anchor text but here the link is an image URL.
  • Linking Page’s Authority: It is like glucose to the page
  • Linking Domain’s Authority
  • Competitors Links to Blog enhance your blog SERP
  • Social Shares of a Page
  • Never get links from the bad neighborhoods
  • Contextual Links: Links placed inside page/post content are the powerful links
  • Don’t do massive link exchanges for a blog

User Interaction Factor For Boosting Ranks in SE :

  • Organic CTR for a Particular Keyword: pages which clicked more in SERP has some boosting power of ranking in SE s.
  • Bounce Rate of a Blog: If people just come and go away from your blog, Google considers it as some poor quality content website.
  • Chrome Bookmarks: if People bookmarks site in their Google Chrome browser then Google boost its ranking a little
  • Comments Number: It indicates lots of users are paying attention

Special Algorithm Rules :

  • Freshness in Query: New pages will be boosted by Google for some searches
  • User Browsing History: Frequently used blogs will face SERP bumps in searches
  • Geo Targets: Google Prefers local Server IPs & Countries specific domains with their extensions.
  • DMCA Complaints: DMCA Complaints pages will be downranked by Google SE
  • Preferring Big Brands: Google giving a boost to big brand blogs for small tail searches.

Social Signals Factor for Ranking in SE- GOOGLE :

  • A number of tweets, the authority accounts of those users in twitter & Facebook, FB shares likes, Pinterest Pins etc will boost SE ranking.

Brand Signalling Factor For Google Rank Enhancement :

  • Brand Anchor Text: Brand names with its anchor text is small & simple but too strong when it comes to Google Algorithm. So SE will show the main site of the branded site when we type name related to it.
  • The site which has FB likes, Employees in Linkedin & Twitter Followers: These sites consider as brands and given some brand by Google Search Engine.

On-Site WebSpam Factors for Fast Ranking :

  • Google Panda Penalty: Low-quality content sites will not be visible well in Search Engines after meeting Google Panda.
  • Links to Bad Neighbor blogs: This this will hurt your blog visibility in SE.

Off Page WebSpam Factors for Google Ranking Boost :

  • Google Penguin Penalty: If your blog hits by penguin rocket, your blogs search results will be wiped off from the Google Search World.
  • Huge Low-Quality Links: Getting Huge comments, links from forum profiles will be considered as Black Hat SEO & then Google Takes its action based on the spam.
  • Don’t Use “ Poison ” anchor text – it affects your ranking because Google thinks your blog is some kind of hacking blog.

That’s it, Reader,

Coming to Conclusion, These top 10 factors of Searching Engine Rankings are briefly explained. If you want to know anything just provide a comment below.

Don’t forget helping your co-bloggers & learns for their successful blogging career just by sharing on social media.

Faheem Jutt
Faheem is a reporter for US Updates. After graduating from the Punjab University, Faheem got an internship at a local newspaper and worked as a beat reporter and editor. Faheem has also worked as a columnist for the Express-News. Faheem covers entertainment and community events for US Updates.


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