Top Business Companies in Washington

Top Business Companies in Washington

The Washington-based 65 public companies generated $442.5 billion for the State in 2016. They employed 1.16 million people. But after the addition of more 2 companies, 67 companies reached at more than $557.3 billion in 2017. These companies also provided 1.58 million jobs to the people from all around the world.

Saltchuk Resources is a transportation company and ranked at the top in 2013 with the estimated revenue at $2.3 billion. Darigold Inc. is a Dairy cooperative company and it was just behind with the revenue at $2.24 billion.

Saltchuk Resources Inc. and Darigold Inc. maintained their positions for the last 5 consecutive years as the largest private companies in the Washington State. Both companies are Seattle-based and generated $2.6 billion revenue for the state in 2014. They undisputedly shared the 1st position on the list.

Washington-based International Companies

Now, there are some other major companies appeared with remarkable positions and revenues. is one of the most popular companies. More than two-thirds of Americans have connected with this largest online retailing company. The company covers its global operations and offers a large number of products including clothing, books, electronics appliances, and many more.

The Boeing Company is also Washington State legend since 1916. It is one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. The company has produced at least 14 thousand military and commercial aircrafts. Boeing also participated in manufacturing space exploration vehicles and measureless rockets.

Microsoft has its own worth in the computing industry. You can find 95% Microsoft products in all personal computers.

A good idea became the great one as Starbucks because of one man’s trip to Milan, Italy. The Starbucks successfully created an international culture of coffee after selling coffee beans at a few stores in the Northwest.

Costco presented a new and simple strategy with keeping costs low and offering the savings to its members. The company remarkably changed the retailing scenario worldwide. Costco has more than 595 stores in 8 countries.


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