Spending leisure time in a fun activity is the one thing that has not changed over the centuries. We are not talking about the Roman Colosseum, where gladiators fought against each other for the entertainment of the people. Instead, the leisure games that we enjoy alone or with a small group of friends over the weekend. In the medieval ages, these games were also medieval as more physical games such as wrestling and hammer throwing being more common. However, as man learned new things over time, the quality of enjoyment also incredibly increased. Games such as chess and cards also came to the fore, which requires much more grey matter than the physical games. Though just brainteasing games are still favorite among a vast majority of people, they get overshadowed by the more advanced form of games.

Not a very long time ago, computers were only for performing necessary calculations and tasks since the task of building them was immense. Many machines even occupied entire rooms. On the other hand, the concept of the internet was also alien as only a few computers spread across several states could only communicate for merely defense and research purposes. However, with the evolution of technology within networks as well as the internet, games became advanced and more interactive. 

From games like Dave and Super Mario Bros, we have come a far away as computer geeks came up with the concept of multiplayer games. Initially, the multiplayer game was only limited to the Local Area Networks (LANs) physically connected through wires, but it was not long before remote multiplying became possible. As the world moves towards 5G internet, we are also incorporating new technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented reality into our games. Today people all across the globe play gaming tournaments such as League of Legends or lol lpl as they call it in China, together. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the world of Chinese games and discuss 5 of the most played games preferred by gamers in the country.

  1. League of Legends

For many gamers, LOL does not mean Laughing Out Loud, but it is their favorite game League of Legends. So, do not burst into laughter if a player asks you to play LOL with them because it is not a laughing game. League of Legends is famous around the world, and China is no exception. In this game, the players have the role of the champions and play against other players with a primary motive to destroy their “nexus.” Nexus is a structure that exists in the middle of the other player’s territory, which they protect through various defense mechanisms. However, many players can tweak the ground rules for their single matches, setting varying objectives and maps. The game’s popularity is off the charts, with about 8 million peak concurrent users every day. The game also conducts various local tournaments with prize money and online viewership going in millions. The Chinese version of the contest is Legends Pro League (LPL).

  1. Honor of Kings

Here is another multiplayer online batter arena (MOBA) game that many people in China love. This game is for the phone users, whether android or IOS, both can equally enjoy the experience. Every player has a character which they use to kill other non-player characters or even opponents, with every achievement unlocking various skills for them. In the multiplayer mode, players can also work together to weaken or destroy the opposing team’s defense systems called “turrets” in the game. Various game modes dictate the mechanism in which the players play. Players also gain experience and gold as they play along, with experience helping they level up their skills and gold, helping them buy various things in the game.

  1. Fantasy Westward Journey

It is a 3D animations game top-rated among the gamers in China. It is a PC game that you can play if you have a Microsoft Windows platform. The game has inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West. After its initial success, the creators also launched the game’s android and IOS version, and now it grosses over billions of dollars. Similar to many other games, this game also gives the players an option to modify the appearance and skills of their players, but with a unique blend, no other game possesses. The players also explore new avenues and fight against many opponents if required as the game proceeds.

  1. QQ Speed

Who does not enjoy racings games as we all played Need for Speed while growing up? QQ Speed is the most played racing game in China, with its popularity growing exponentially over the years. As with the trend with many new and famous games, QQ speed is also three dimensional. In this game, you can either casually race if you are not looking for any matches or be competitive and play against other players. However, the total number of players in a multiplayer game is only limited to six, which makes the competition fiercer. The game revolves around three distinct kingdoms, namely, wind, fantasy, and fire.

  1. PUBG

PUBG is the acronym of Player Unknown Battleground. It is a multiplayer game in which up to 100 players can play either solo or in team-ups. In this game, players land from a plane somewhere in the map and then look for weapons and other gears while eluding or killing other players. The plan keeps becoming smaller, and the players also get eliminated as the game proceeds. Eventually, it comes down to less than a dozen players in the final round competing for the highest prize “Chicken Dinner” as they call it in the game.


Gaming is one of the best leisure activities in today’s world. It helps you pass the quality time while you take a break from a hectic life. Many people also become professional gamers and participate in E-gaming tournaments competing for the biggest prizes. Those who don’t also opt for online live streaming and earn through YouTube or any other platform. As technologies evolve with time, we will see better and more interactive games in the future.


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