Top 3 Things To Do In Copenhagen, Denmark For American Travelers

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark

Travel season is almost upon us. Kids are closing in on the summer vacation and parents will finally have a free schedule to play with.  College students will be getting together with friends and booking the cheapest flights, ready to hit hostels and jam festivals.   With all of this time to invent new experiences and see new locations, the place to travel for 2019 is the capital of Denmark. If ready to visit Copenhagen this year, here are 7 things to do for American travelers and tips.

Cheap flight and Rental Homes

It’s not so expensive to get to Copenhagen as some might think. From major airports like those of NYC or Los Angeles’s LAX, roundtrip flights are available for under $500 regularly.  SAS Airlines recently offered a deal, which expires today (May 19th), of an amazingly low $398 roundtrip from LA. However, it’s much easier to just use to see the best rates. If you do not see something for under $500, be sure to check on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays for flights until you do.  Airline rates fluctuate daily based on seats available and demand for travel at the time of booking. However, it is important to remember airlines add flights in by the bundles whenever sold out. For this reason, it is important to keep an open eye for change daily.

For a rental home, you can always use, TripAdvisor, or Travelocity.  However, as of 2019, it is much better on your wallet when you use AirBnB. There’s usually less taxes and more ‘perks’ offered by international hosts.   If you want to land in Copenhagen first and then find a local renter, you will need to need these Danish keywords, “Lejebolig I København”.  In English, this translates to “rental home in Copenhagen.”

3 Things To Do

1. Visit Christiana aka “Hippie Town”

For the “420 friendly” and music junkies, this is the first spot to see.   According to TheCultureTrip, Hippie Town was once a Denmark military base.  Once shut down, Hippies squatted on the property and formed their own community.   Because of the desire to live liberally, Hippies began dealing Marijuana within the community freely.  This was commonly known at the time and it became a constant battle with Police. Pusher Street, commonly referred to as the ‘Green Light district,’ still thrives today, however.  Currently, it is still a unique “Hippie-style” community where people are very much into the arts and exploring true liberalism. The 3 rules that pretty much ran the town for some time were “Have Fun, Don’t Run as it causes panic, and no photos.”   In short, this is a place in the city where everything that happens, stays in Christiana until you’re out of Denmark.

2. Nyhavn

All Americans know about the beautiful water canal communities of Venice, Italy.   However, did you know Copenhagen also has this same scenery? There community of “Nyhavn” is debatably more beautiful than Venice as well.  The 17th-century waterfront district has rows of brightly colored homes, lined with sailboats and personal cruisers, made of wood.

The canal took 3 years to build.  King Christian V ordered it be built in 1670.  It was completed in 1673. It is still a port today, where some people even live in their boats.  The postal code of this area is ‘1051’ in case you should wish to get a Copenhagen house rental nearby.

3. Tivoli Gardens

This is one of the most famed amusement parks in the world.  Walt Disney was so inspired by this place, he created Disneyland for the United States. Tivoli Gardens go the second part of its name from a lush pleasure garden which is a bonus for earthy people.

Built in 1843,  Tivoli is the 2nd oldest operating theme park in the entire world.  The decorations and designs within this entertainment park is all the way 1st class and unique. There are merry Go Rounds of great grandeur, Multi-loop roller coasters,  a Wonder wheel, and a Waterpark with various rides to cool off in the summer. However, the way the park illuminates in the night time is something one can never forget.

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For more things to do, there are two ways to find options.   Either use the almighty Google search or check with a site like for tours you can buy. If using the ‘G,’ Search the keywords “free attractions Copenhagen” or “sites to see Copenhagen.”     This typically works for any city. If going with Travelocity, try to book early. Also, check Groupon to see if there are some discounts available in Denmark which you can take advantage of.

See a video beneath of Tivoli Gardens that should be enough to amaze anyone. Also, see another video beneath with touring ideas.


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