Top 3 key features of Shopify

features of Shopify

Our focus in this section will be on Shopify’s more advanced features with our experience as a shopify plus agency poland. In this post, you’ll learn cutting-edge strategies for increasing sales, luring new clients, and streamlining your business operations.- features of Shopify

Recovering an Abandoned Cart

Seven out of ten buyers are adding items to their carts and then abandoning their purchases. You might be missing out on a big amount of sales if you don’t do this. Customers who added things to their shopping carts but did not complete the purchase can be found in this section. Is there a way to remind them by email?

On the ordinary Shopify subscription, the sole alternative is to personally email each client one by one to remind them of their shopping carts. Whenever a consumer abandons a shopping cart, you may send them an automated email to remind them to come back and finish their purchase. If you get it correctly, you’ll be able to entice many of those consumers back to the checkout.

Calculate Customers’ Shipping Costs Automatically

Calculating delivery costs is one of the most challenging components of owning an internet company. You might lose a lot of money if you underestimate. Excessive pricing may result if you overestimate your market’s willingness to pay.

Use real time carrier shipping’ to avoid this. Based on the client’s location and the product’s dimensions and weight, this tool estimates the precise shipping costs for each individual consumer. With Shopify POS, you can accept payments anywhere. Point-of-Sale systems are useful if you intend to sell your items in person as well as online. For example, at a pop-up shop; market; or physical location.

Identify Your Best Customers by Creating Customer Profiles

It is feasible to manage and monitor your customers’ information and purchase history by requiring them to register an account before purchasing from you. Customer accounts allow you to track exactly who purchased what. Identifying your top clients has never been easier. You may use this data to create sales emails that are specifically targeted.


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