Tips for Keeping Bulk Greenery





Unfortunately, the life of bulk floral greenery is limited. Without special care, floral greenery withers quickly enough and loses its marketable appearance. There are many ways to extend the life of wholesale floral greenery. The choice of mechanics depends on the biological characteristics of each flower culture. If the correct storage regime is followed, some types of floral greenery  can be stored for more than one month after being cut.

Cooling wholesale floral greenery

Vacuum precooling deserves special attention, i.e. cooling each batch of floral greenery to the desired temperature in a vacuum chamber. This procedure is carried out when changing modes of transport during the transportation of products from the manufacturer to the final market. Such preparation will help avoid temperature “shock” in floral greenery. At the time of receipt of the goods, floral greenery is immediately divided into storage areas in accordance with the required temperature regime. Each type of flower differs not only visually but also in internal morphology. Therefore, the same thermometer readings have a different effect on individual bulk fresh greenery.

In the room where the goods are located, it is extremely important to maintain the correct temperature and the desired level of humidity, while the basic temperature regime for storing greenery is 3-5 degrees Celsius.

Storage equipment greenery

Refrigerated cabinets for greenery or refrigerated showcases are installed in shopping centers, flower shops, and floristic salons. There are “flower refrigerators” both with glass hinged doors and with sliding glass doors (which allows you to save space and place the refrigerator even in a small area).

Flower storage chambers serve mainly not for the presentation of greenery but for its long-term storage. It can be either an additional storage room at a flower shop or salon or a warehouse for flowers. Can be designed in almost any room.


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