Three In One: POE’S Toasters HC Support Build Guide

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Most exiles want to be DPS, some want to be the tank, yet very few are willing to be all-important support. It’s sad, but rather understandable, that not a lot of people want to take up the role despite its understated importance. To make matters worse for the number of supports, some players do want to make one but simply lack the fundamental understanding of coming up with a decent build. For those on the fence because of that reason, here’s a build that is good enough for three classes.

Trust us–its worth the effort, time, and POE Orbs!

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More Than a Guardian

The Toasters HC boasts of not six, not eight, but twelve auras! This build offers a ton of defensive potential, as well as a good boost in speed and damage. And what’s even better about this build is that while the default is Guardian, it can also be used by both the ascendant and Occultist. The version of this build for the former, however, offers inferior defense capabilities but makes up for it with superior speed and damage. As for the latter, it offers a total of four courses at the cost of inferior Chaos damage resistance. So whether you’re willing or even prefer the trade-off, have a go with either of them.

All three jobs share the same skill gems and gear. The most important piece of gear is the chest, Victario’s Influence, as it raises the level of socketed aura gems by 1, provides level 30 Generosity, reduces mana reservation by 30%, and increases the effect of non-curse auras by 15%. It goes without saying that this is where you’ll put your core aura gems: Wrath, Anger, Clarity, Hatred, and Enfeeble with Blasphemy.

Another important gear is Alpha’s Howl (Unique helmet), as it gives +2 to the level of socketed aura gems. This is where you put Purity of Fire, Ice, Lightning, and enlightenment support to top it all off. For non-aura related boosts, it also gives immunity to being frozen, resistance to being chilled, and higher evasion. Prism Guardian (Unique shield) also provides a +2 boost to aura gem levels, as well as gives them Blood Magic and reduced mana reservation. It’s where you’ll place Discipline, Grace, and Haste.

Sin Trek (unique footgear) doesn’t have any aura-supporting mods, but it’s where you’ll place another skill gem for Haste, Discipline, and Enduring Cry, which will also be supported Increased Duration. This footwear can cost quite a bit of PoE Currency, but it’s very much worth it.

Beyond the Auras

The rest of the socketed gears are for utility. First off is the Ephemeral Blade (Unique Weapon), which is where we’ll place Shield Charge with Fortify and Faster Attacks support gem. Lastly, have any Rare four-socketed gloves (two red and two blue) with Summon Stone Golem, Animate Guardian, Minion Life Support, and Flame Dash.

For accessories and belt, choose those that offer Chaos Resistance, Energy Shield, Reduced Mana Reserved, and increased Aura Effect. As for the belt, the best choices would be either Bated Breath for more energy shield or Ascent from Flesh less energy shield in exchange for elemental resistances and movement speed.

For jewels, the most advisable ones are Conqueror’s Efficiency, Healthy Mind, and Rare jewels that offer these bonuses: Energy Shield, Mana, Resistances, Dexterity, and Chaos Resistance.  Lastly, for flasks, be sure to have the following:

  • Panicked Divine Life Flask of Staunching
  • Experimenter’s Stibnite Flask of Grounding
  • Ample Ruby Flask of Dousing
  • Surgeon’s Quartz Flask of Warding
  • Perpetual Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline

That’s pretty much it for this unique and creative 3-in-1 build. If this fits your taste, then you should definitely give it a shot. If not, then there are lots of other support builds out there. Who knows? You might even be able to come up with a unique one by yourself!


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