Thoughtful Gifts for People Who Love Entertaining

Thoughtful Gifts for People

Entertainers, we all have those in our network. Friends or family members that really love to host dinners, parties, joke around and keep things merry for everyone. These kinds of people usually go out of their way to make their friend circle and family happy. 

Usually, entertaining people give the thoughtful gifts for people as in an effort to impress the receiver they really think things through. You can also call such kind of people pleasers. They are out there to please you and the rest of their connections. 

It can be extremely tough to pick thoughtful gifts for people who love entertainment as they may have gifted you something unique before or they may have hosted amazing dinners and parties for you earlier. Secondly, due to their lifestyle, they probably own most things you would think of already. 

To help you in your process of finding thoughtful gifts for people who love entertaining, below is a list of items that will not only make them happy but be very useful to them. 

1. A Karaoke Machine 

Who doesn’t love to sing along towards the end of a good dinner or party? A karaoke machine makes for a great gift for any party host or hostess who has guests over often. 

Singing karaoke makes people happy, and with this kind of gift, the age of the receiver doesn’t really matter. Both young and old people love singing with their friends.

Karaoke sessions make for a great activity any entertainer can add to their parties and dinners at home. Give them the gift of endless songs, it’ll make any entertainer happy. 

If you buy a karaoke machine for your friend, and want to start it up by singing the first song, here is a list of the ‘Best Karaoke Songs for Singers and Non-Singers Alike’ curated by Time Magazine. 

2. Steak Knives

Most people that love hosting parties and entertaining guests, definitely indulge in grilling, cooking premium meat or hosting Sunday barbecues. 

Believe it or not, a lot of people do not invest in good sets of steak knives. In fact, sometimes guests have to struggle with their meat as they are handed a regular table knife to eat their food with. 

Quality steak knives are not necessarily expensive, so they make for a great gift for someone who is entertaining guests frequently for meals. A lot of people will not think of these as a gift which is exactly why they make for an extremely thoughtful gift. 

If you need help finding the right steak knives for your friend then check out this guide by GiftWits which informs you about the best steak knives out there. 

3. Wine and Whiskey Glasses 

Both whiskey and wine are the most commonly served drinks at house parties or dinners. You may think that a party host always has enough glasses but you are probably wrong. 

A drinking glass is an item that often breaks or needs to be replaced due to wear and tear. Over time, a family that hosts people often would spend quite a lot on buying glasses. 

Sometimes the number of guests could be high and then you may have noticed paper cups being pulled out. Hence, increasing your friend’s inventory in terms of wine and whiskey glasses would definitely qualify as a thoughtful gift. 

4. Cool Card Games 

Entertaining guests over and over again is not an easy chore. One of the easy accessories to have that helps you set a mood is a card game. 

Today, there are many fun card games out there like Cards Against Humanity or a simple game like UNO to name a few. At the same time, people get bored with card games and board games easily, so its good to have multiple options or just to surprise your guests with one they have never heard of. 

Having more options also helps to keep more people entertained as everyone doesn’t have to pick just one. Card games are easy to store and hence don’t cause many inconveniences. 

Gift your entertaining friends some cool card games to add to their collection. 

5. Plants for Decor 

This may be a little unexpected but for a change, it would be nice to give them a gift that helps them decorate their home with some nature. 

Giving your entertaining friend some nice plants that are easy to maintain so that they can give their home a fresh look could be a great idea. It’s a cool way to change your friend’s space up so next time they have guests, the guests will have something new to be impressed by. 

While flowers are often seasonal and do not last long, there are some pretty plants out there that really last long without much effort. They just need to be watered once or twice a week. 

Some cool plants to gift for home or garden are fruit trees, amaryllis, paperwhites, and orchids. Make sure you do your research before you pick the ones you are gifting so that you can educate the receiver about the same. 

6. Boxes of Chocolates

Here is a cool way to help your host with their process of having guests over. You can’t ever go wrong with chocolates. 

Chocolates are the most commonly offered treats to any guest when they are over. Whether it is after a meal or during a party, having chocolates out there for guests is a common phenomenon. 

You can help your friend by giving them enough chocolate boxes to last a year so that they can put them out there for their guests. You can research unique chocolates that will impress their guests. 

What better way to help an entertainer than helping them impress their guests right! That is exactly what makes such people happy. Plus the friends you are giving this gift to can keep some yummy chocolates for themselves. 

To pick some really cool chocolates, check out this list of assorted boxes of chocolate published by Bustle. 

7. A beer pong table

I had a beer pong table back in college. My parents bought one for me, and let me tell you, people loved it. The beauty with a beer pong table is that, first and foremost, people don’t need an excuse to drink – but if they have one, they’ll drink, and have fun even more.

For the last fifty years playing beer pong has been one of the most popular pastime activity for young people. Let’s admit it, many of us start playing the gave even before we finish high school, then we improve our game over time in college. 

But realistically, the game disappears from our lives once you jut 25 or so. That’s why we included the idea of a beer pong table on this list. If you really like entertaining, get yourself a beer pong table. I can guarantee that your guests will simply love it. Here’s a good resource to check the most popular options online today.

While there are many other thoughtful gifts you can think of, we hope the ones listed above are not just thoughtful but also useful to the receiver. Good luck shopping! 



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