Things Winnipeggers should know about the Labour Day long weekend

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Labor Day weekend: what Winnipeg locals should keep in mind this weekend

We won’t be seeing another long weekend of the summer holidays after this weekend with an extra day off thanks to Labor Day. Here are things the citizens of Winnipeg should keep in mind over the long weekend.

1. From September 1st, speed limits are back

From Sunday, September 1, all vehicle drivers will need to adhere to a reduction in speeds between 7 AM and 5.30 PM. Despite it being the weekend, the speed reduction will be in effect on the Labor Day holiday which is Monday.
It’s advisable for drivers to be careful during school times due to children going back to school.

2. All provincial parks in Manitoba will have free entry

A day-long parking permit is $5 for one day and $12 if you are parking for three days. Over the long weekend, you can park for free on the long weekend between Friday and Monday. It may not be a bad idea to visit the parks for free over the weekend.

3. Global News Weather Specialist Adriana Zhang gives you the Labor day weekend weather report:

We are expected to see sunny weather with some clouds. The highs are clocking around mid-20s. Showers can be expected Saturday evening with the weather clearing up on Sunday. Winds will be quite strong on Labor day Monday with showers expected in the second half of the day.

Saturday: 26, sunny weather with a few clouds around 12 pm. Speed is 20 kmph and humidity index is 27
Sunday: sunny temperatures around 23.

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4. Schedule for Winnipeg Transit schedule will be different.

The Winnipeg transit buses will now be switching to different routes as part of the fall schedule on Sunday. It’s best to see the website for any changes you may see to the routes you usually take. On Monday, buses will be on the same schedule as on Labor Day.

5. Labor Day holiday on Monday- will anything be open?

Since this is considered a statutory holiday, all government offices will enjoy a day off. Pools, leisure centers and libraries operated by city government will be closed.

Only exceptions are spray pads, outdoor pools, and wading pools. You can pay your respects to your lost loved ones and play golf as golf courses and cemeteries are scheduled to be open for patrons. You garbage will be collected as usual if you live in the residential area.

For more information on what places will be open or closed, the City website is the way to go. Make sure to take care of groceries and other shopping needs before Monday. All malls, brick and mortar big box stores and grocery stores will not remain open. The Assiniboine Park Zoo, Fort Whyte Alive, and other such attractions shall be open to visitors.

6. Please respect the significance of Labor Day despite it being a long weekend

Labor Day in North America is held annually on the first Monday in September. Its significance is to celebrate the great work our laborers have done. Their hard work, sacrifices, and commitment have made our nation great as it is today.


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