The Walking Dead Season 10 Spoilers: Carol Petelie In Very Dark Plot Change!

The fan-favorite Carol Peletier could have been in an incredibly dark storyline change on the AMC show

The Walking Dead Season 10

The Walking Dead is all time favorite movie that is packed with the horror and creepy scenes. Fans most favorite character Carol Peletier has been looking in the dark theme of the story showing on AMC. And this truth is recognized by the moviemaker Angela Kang now.

The Walking Dead is the most highly overrated television show on the air. The show started off greatly with inspiring plots and suspense.

The characters grip you right away and it’s horrible when they’re killed off. There’s always the looming threat of “walkers”, but the villains are all very different in motive and personalities. The actors are very good, most of them, and well-trained.

It seems like it started to go off the rails at the very end of season 6 and then onward. The audience with much suspense expects to see what would happen with Rick and Carl.

After all, from the start, these two characters were such an important element in the story. It seems the characters of Carl and Rick should have a different story to tell. According to fans, it seems as though politics crept into the writers’ room and tainted it a bit, really too bad.

In the comics, Carol went through together with her set up once she walked towards an enchained dead walker. This can allow it to handle onto her neck, killing her almost instantaneously before of her Atlanta allies.

According to reports, the way to direct a movie, the style of production and the zombie’s outlook everything was haunting. And with all this, Cassady who is performing as Lydia, and Melissa, they are performing their roles so brilliantly and passionately.

Is it too much to ask for a zombie flick that understands the importance of character development and common sense in survival situations?


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