The Walking Dead Season 10 Spoilers: Carol Peletier actress reveals that she almost killed herself on the show

The Walking Dead

We all love to see the stunning performance of Carol Peletier as she is one of the favorite characters of TWD fans. There are rumors that her role would see a new dark storyline twist in the Walking Dead Season 10.

If we talk about Ninth Season Finale then it was totally a mind-blowing season where creators paid homage to comic books by Robert Kirkman.

Fans felt for the two from the bottom of their hearts in no time. The most terrific scene was the one when Lydia took her own life.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Spoiler

If you read Walking Dead Novels, then you must notice that Carol’s equivalent character got the honor but she excelled in it. The main twist of the story starts when Lydia came to know that her mother Alpha (Samantha Morton) it the murderer of ten people. Even she murdered Lydia’s boyfriend Henry (Matt Lintz).

She felt broken when she came to know that her own mother killed the love of her life. She wasn’t sure whether she could even survive the post-apocalyptic world. In order to gather more facts, she gets close to the walkers.

When she got near to the growling undead creatures residing across the lake, then suddenly something changed her mind and she decided to pull back. This last minute change of her character is indeed a twist.

In “The Walking dead” Comics, Carol continues her plan and let the chain walker latch on her. When she is being killed by the walker, her allies felt helpless.

Angela enjoyed a new twist in the story, she said, “I just loved seeing all of the frozen zombies. And I love it when Lydia comes upon that frozen walker in the lake.”

According to Angela, Team of TWD has a plan to pay homage to Carol’s death in the book.


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