The Walking Dead Season 10: Andrew Lincoln will no longer direct the show

walking dead season 10

A few hours ago, EW confirmed an official announcement regarding Andrew Lincoln; EW confirmed that Andrew Lincoln has a tight schedule and can not line up with AMC’s superhit TWD.

The news revealed ahead of Walking dead’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 and said that Lincoln’s was not able to line up with AMC.

Fans of Andrew Lincoln are disappointed because his part in the Walking dead always remained unparallel.

Therefore fans will really miss the presence in the show. Andrew began work in the walling dead season as Rick Grimes.

At the beginning of season 9, mysterious Jadis was taken away the Lincoln ina helicopter. And then his character was never heard by this family and friends.

Well, this news has confirmed that Rick grimes would nit return in the walking dead season 10. Moreover, we also heard that Andrew would be back at the set of the walking season to direct the season 10 episodes.

As a director, Lincolns contribution in season 9 was beside, and he directed the 12th episode Guardians.

Well, Andrew said that he wants to back in the show as a director as he did before. He had planned to return next year in the waling dead sets.

Well, now Michael Colditz directs the TWD in the replacement of Andrew Lincoln. He has played the role of Abraham Ford in many seasons. before that Cudlitz also directed the episode ” Stradivarius in season 10

well everyone is waiting for the Walking dead season10, and it will hit the screen on 6th October 2019.


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