The Wachowski Sisters are not Working on New Film of The Matrix Series Confirmed

New Matrix

Last day, internet flooded with so many comments and remarks on the news that the Wachowskis sisters started working on the New Matrix movie project. However, today, things got changed when an official denial surfaced on the web. Let’s get into the matter.

Chad Stahelski confidently reported in Yahoo movies interview that The Wachowski sisters were working on a new movie in The Matrix Series. Fans of this series got excited, and they wanted to know more about it.

However, when questions were asked regarding the confirmation of the project, then this report turned out to be nothing but a misunderstanding.

Stahelski is the Director of John Wick 3 and also a stuntman of Keanu Reeves in the Matrix Trilogy. A report directly from his side seems valid. Moreover, this news hit the internet on the Twentieth Anniversary of Original The Matrix. People like to know when a prequel or sequel of The Matrix will come, but unfortunately, there is no project plan by the creators yet.

An official spokesman for Stahelski put an end to all the rumors and news of The Matrix sequel film. It has been made clear that it was just a hypothetical construct; nothing is stable at this point.

Stahelski hypothetically commented the Wachowskis sisters would have been directly involved in a project for a new film in The Matrix series. However, there is no confirmation on the matter that they are working on any such plan.

Fans want to get another film in the series especially at this time when 20 years has passed since the release of the Original and very first “The Matrix (1999)”. We hope that this news was real and we got a chance to see another action-pack film by The Wachowskis. What do you think?


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