The verge pc build

the verge pc build


In spite of the many mistakes in the Verge pc build video, people still search it today. Unfortunately, the video did not last very long as the editors soon knew about its flaws. That is why we have made this pc building article a little better with our expert engineers. 

Firstly, a custom PC comes with a lot of plus points, which a pre-built one lacks. In fact, your custom PC will serve you better in all sorts of works like gaming, editing, or even coding. Furthermore, you will not have to headache about your PC machine’s matching parts as you will get all of them in your local market or from the internet. 

The advantages of a custom pc don’t end there at all. You will indeed have no annoying bloatware or even any pre-installs on your PC. Additionally, it is also a great learning opportunity for young students who wants to better understand a PC’s mechanisms. So, the latest version of the verge pc build awaits you. And don’t worry. You don’t have to spend tons of money to know how to build a great PC. 


Uses of Your PC (the verge PC build)

If you are a professional, then your job will determine how your personal computer should be. For example, a software developer and a gamer would need a good processor and RAM. However, a typist will not need much of any of them. So, the pc you will make dramatically depends on the work you will do on it. 


I’m a gamer, and the games I play demands generous RAM support and a sound processor. That is why I will spend more on RAM (Random Access Memory), a good processor, and a cooling system. A video editor will definitely need similar properties so that his works can run smoothly. 


Regardless of what type of work you may do, we made the Verge PC build better. We will display to you how you can get a high-end Gaming PC with all the features for years to come with this intention. Although it is a gaming PC, you can run anything theoretically with great GPU settings in your custom gaming PC. 


Price of the Verge PC build

In the first release of the Verge PC build video, the makers try to build a custom PC for about 2k Dollars. However, many of us don’t have so much money to spend on a custom PC. So, I’m gonna provide you with the verge pc build for 500 Dollars, 1k, and 2k. Additionally, you have to forget about some top-level features for the low and medium budget. But you will surely get most of the features for your Custom PC. 


Note: Even though the custom pc you will build is from different price points, you can upgrade them quickly. In conclusion, you can just jump from a low budget PC to a high budget one without changing too much in it. 

Safety First

Whenever you are dealing with computer parts, you should know some basic things. Firstly put on some hand gloves as the parts use high power to operate. You will surely get shocked if you touch them with your bare hands. Furthermore, you can wear an anti-static bracelet to protect yourself from the electrostatic discharge. You can even damage the instruments if you don’t use protective gloves before handling the electrical parts. 


For your working area, you should use a plastic or wood base for more protection. However, you can also use polythene sheets to cover the floor you will work on. Then you can’t be impatient during the PC build as everything needs time. So, don’t destroy your work, stay safe, and be patient. 


The verge PC build parts

As we will show you three ways to make your PC, the main parts like the Processor, RAM, cooling system, etc. will differ. For a primary computer, you will require to have RAM, a case, Graphics card, Processor, etc. So, now let us know the prices of parts for the three different budgets.


500$ budget

Presently, you will not believe your eyes when you see what a 500$ PC can give you. Here are the simple parts that you need for the verge 500$ PC. An AMD Rysen 3100 Processor, RX 550 GPU, 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive will work fine. 


1000$ budget

A 1k dollar PC will have many cool features that will extend its performance. So, the Processor of the PC is an AMD’s Ryzen 2600 processor and Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU. Furthermore, you will need an excellent cooling system that will support your overclocked Processor. You can definitely try any sound cooling system that you like, but I would recommend the Antec Neptune 120. 


2000$ Budget (The verge PC building)

With this 2k Dollar budget PC, you can do anything you like ranging from gaming to coding. Firstly, the Processor that we will be using is the Intel Core i7-8700k. The cooling system, motherboard, and GUP are corsair H115i Pro, Asus ROG STRIX Z370-G, respectively. This version of the custom PC is precisely similar to the verge PC build revised version. 


Note: There are undoubtedly some components I didn’t mention. And the reason is that you can choose your favorite parts according to your local market. So, let us see more. 


The building process of the Verge PC build

We have now come to the building part of the verge PC build. Unlike the first video tutorial, this one is an update, and your time will not go to waste. Initially, you need to layout every part there is for the custom PC. If you do so, it will definitely relieve you from stopping in the middle of your work and finding the individual parts. 


Firstly, attach the power supply to your Custom PC case. In general, you can single out all the wires from forming a big knot if you do this. Furthermore, it is a safer step to take, as the power supply has a high watt requirement. 


Secondly, you need to mount the motherboard, which is a crucial part of your PC. However, the socket type of your motherboard will determine which Processor you can install. For our 500$ PC, you need to get a motherboard that supports the AMD processors. But for the verge pc build 2000 dollars, you will need the Asus ROG Strix Z370-G motherboard. 


Next Steps


After screwing everything in place, your work is almost there. In fact, you just need to plug all the components of your custom PC. So, place the RAM in the RAM slot and let the clicking sound do the rest. If you didn’t hear any sound, then try it again to listen to the click. But don’t break it. 


Then comes the hard part of mounting the GPU of the PC you are making. Though it is straightforward, again, some may face problems installing it. However, you just need to open the expansion bracket at the backside of the case. Then you need to align the gold connectors with the motherboard slots, and you are good to go. 


Installing the cooling system is another crucial part of the verge PC build. For his 2k experiment, we used the Corsair H115i PRO CPU cooler. Though the low and medium quality PC doesn’t have this feature, you need to attach two fans to then. This will surely help an excellent cool environment for your Processor. 

Install Windows 10 on the Verge PC Build

As long as you have a genuine Windows 10 CD or Bootable USB drive, you are good to go. Again, if you try to install a crack, your Windows 10 will not work that good and regularly crash. While you can utilize the free version of Windows 10, you will still see a watermark in the left down corner. The steps of installing are,


  • Firstly put your bootable USB or CD onto your PC and continuously press the ESC button. In general, this will lead you to the installing windows menu.


  • As Windows has an easy installation procedure, you just have to click next and then type the product key. You can indeed skip this part if you don’t have a key with you. 





Who is the guy from the verge PC build?

Generally speaking, the Verge PC build was full of errors in the first video. Stefan Etienne made that useless tutorial, and surprisingly it got much attention. However, he doesn’t continue his work after at incident. 


What is the verge PC build?

The verge PC build was initially a video that helps tech enthusiasts make the best PC for gaming, Editing, or Coding. However, the video had too many problems, and so the video had to go down. So, the verge website made an article on making a PC at a 2k dollar budget. 


How much RAM do I need for gaming?

Particularly for gaming, you will not need RAM for more than 16 GB. Furthermore, some games even run quite smoothly on an 8GB RAM PC. Regardless of this, some online reviewers will say that you will need tons of RAM for smooth gaming. But using RAM support of more than 16 GB is overkill. 


Is building a PC hard?

Generally speaking, if you are a newbie, then making a PC will only sound so hard. But making a PC with your hands is not that tough of a deal. In fact, even a kid can do it with proper time and effort. So, building a PC is not hard for new tech enthusiasts who are typing to learn new things. 


Should I build a PC now?

If you have free time and tons of patience for the Custom PC project, you can try making it. Firstly, you will require to set up your mind and then your PC. If your budget is less, you search for a cheap PC on the internet and make your PC. Furthermore, the low budget PC will have everything you will need with just a few flaws here and there. 


Is it cheaper to build a PC?

Presently, the old PC parts are getting cheaper and cheaper. In fact, some prices even dropped for more than half the initial cost. If you want a cheap PC, then start by getting cheap parts and even some refurbished parts. Doing so will let you have an excellent running PC at an affordable rate. 


Wrapping up with the Verge PC build

In reality, the Verge PC build is just a lousy method of making a PC for two grand. If you value your money, then don’t try any other video of this author. However, you can follow this article and design your custom PC. 


Additionally, this article has a PC making method for all low, mid, and high budget seekers. Feel free to experiment with our PC building method and let us know what you understand. 


Presently, some stocks may be out or low due to the corona pandemic. But after this is over, I’m sure that the component prices will drop dramatically in all markets. 



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