The Ultimate Things For Your Lawn Care In Atlanta

The Ultimate Things For Your Lawn Care In Atlanta

“Maintaining the lawn can become a very complicated thing. Especially, when you don’t know what you are supposed to do! The spring of 2021 is around the corner and it’s time to push yourself to prepare home Lawn Care In Atlanta. “

Lawn care in Atlanta is rapidly changing. Believe it or not! Nowadays, home-owners are using robots to support their lawn activities. In this post, you will learn about the ultimate things that you can do on your lawn. Remember, a great looking lawn needs hardworking gardener skills and well-versed knowledge about the plants. It would take a lot of love and care to keep you grass lush green. Are you ready to learn the master skills?

Right Mower 

Use the right tool to yield the right results. Leverage the mower depending on the size of your property. In other words, for satisfactory results, you can use a walk-behind mower in case you have a small home lawn. Go for a robotic mower if you have acres of grass to cut. Yet, you might want to consider factors like the thickness of the grass. Use rule of thumb, thicker grass would need a mower with higher horsepower.

Love It! 

If you don’t take control of your lawn then the ‘weeds’ will take over! Weeds are small plants in the wrong places. Some of the commonly unwanted plants are named as: –

  1. Crabgrass
  2. Chickweed
  3. Wild lettuce
  4. Annual Bluegrass
  5. Clover

To be honest, it’s easier to pluck one weed than a dozen of them. Go for weed treatment lawn care in Roswell.

Managing “Leaves”

Against the common myth, as per which you also have to remove leaves from the lawn, but that’s not 100% true. Although, you might want to remove the massive layer of leaves to give your lawn a smooth finish, yet, a moderate amount can be left as it is. Instead of raking the leaves, you can simply run the mower over the leaves. Once you are done, the leaves will be finely chopped into small pieces. The leaves would then become nutrients for your lawn.

Remove The Grubs

Grubs can turn your lush green lawn into an unattractive shade of brown. During early fall, you might notice dying patches. This is the sign that your lawn grass is facing a hungry and thriving enemy. The grubs live below the lawn surface. To know more about the impact of grubs, simply dig up one square foot of lawn and look for white grub worms.

Sprinkler Timer 

Maintaining the lawn could be challenging, but with a manual sprinkler, it can cost you a fortune. To keep your grass green, consider installing an automatic irrigation system. Well, at first it might seem like a costly option but in the long run – automatic sprinklers help you save more money. They conveniently increase the efficiency of the lawn. Moreover, they distribute the water evenly throughout the lawn.

Mulch It 

You must have heard about bagging the grass clipping during mowing. It is done to give the lawn a crisp and clean look. Instead try mulching, as it provides more nutrients for your soil. The grass breakdowns release nitrogen, potassium as well as some quality of phosphorus as well. Together they make your lawn a bit healthier. Skip bagging the grass and let them decompose.


Keeping up the landscape specification means the removal of dead plants. Thatch is dead plants. They get built up between the grass blades and roots. Remember too much thatch is a bad thing for your lawn. In case you notice layers of thatch in your lawn, perhaps it’s time to dethatch it. When you remove the thatch, this allows the water and air to penetrate the solid. In short! It would also improve the health of your lawn.

Lastly, lawn care in Atlanta is done to enhance the visibility and to improve the shape of grass. To get a landscape design gets in touch with Arbor-Nomics Turf to actively take care of your lawn. Learn more about how to quickly and easily take care of your lawn around the year.


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