The Ultimate Home Improvement Hack For People Who Hate DIY: Rent A Condo


Are you the polar opposite of a DIY fan? Do you hate the thought of having to work to build your dream home when instead you would much prefer to simply move into it? If so, then this is the article for you. We’re going to share with you, the ultimate home improvement hack for those who don’t want to lift a finger: rent a condo! 

Why rent a condo? 

So, why rent a condo? How could that possibly be the ultimate hack for those who don’t like doing DIY? Simply put: there’s zero work involved. When you look for a rental property, you don’t need to look for a ‘fixer upper’ or think about how you’re going to transform it into a liveable property…Instead, all you need to think about when you’re browsing through the available listings in your desired location is: “what condo looks perfect for me?” 

That’s right; rather than look for potential in a property, when renting, you’re looking for properties that are already there; they’ve already met their potential, the hard work has been done, and they are very much ready and waiting for you to enjoy. 

It costs you (almost) nothing 

When renting a condo, you don’t need to have any savings behind you. You don’t need to set aside a budget for sprucing up the place. You don’t need to worry about furnishing the home or stocking up on tins of paint and bring it to life. Instead, all you need is a deposit, the first month’s rent, and then you are good to go! 

There’s no planning involved 

When you rent a condo, you don’t have to worry about the long-term investment. You won’t have to spend your time bogged down with planning permissions and prospective interior designers. Instead, you can simply enjoy the space that you are in, absent unnecessary complication. 

Why research useful tips for designing the perfect bedroom, when you can move into a property that already has one? 

You can live wherever you like 

If you were to buy a ‘fixer upper’ property, you’ll almost always have to make sacrifices. Finding the perfect property isn’t all that easy, which means that you may have to compromise on location in order to stay within the bounds of your budget.

When you rent a condo on the other hand, you can pretty much live wherever you like! Always dreamed of living in Bangkok? You can find plenty of condos for rent near Gateway Ekamai – ready and waiting for you to enjoy. 

Final thoughts

Yes, there are many benefits to buying a ‘fixer upper’ property and building the home of your dreams, however, it might not be for everyone. If you aren’t quite ready for that level of commitment, renting a property will provide you with so much more freedom!  



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