The top places to visit In Morocco.

The top places to visit In Morocco.

Let’s be honest, you can’t list down every exciting thing to do and places to visit In Morocco in one article, as the North African country is an endlessly diverse country having something for everyone.

It has never-ending prospects for adventure, starting from skiing to sandboarding. Besides adventure, people who love culture and history also get delighted by the incredible historical places in the imperial cities of the country.

From the ecstatic destination like Chefchaouen to the beautiful beaches of the coastal towns like Essaouira and Taghazout, this article will equip you with all you need to know about your perfect trip and top places to visit in Morocco Vacations.

Fez-el-Bali, the imperial city

The majestic city of Fez-el-Bali is most famous for its leather goods sold in its leather bazaar in the streets of the old medina. The city was founded in 789 and had been a trade center since medieval times.

By roaming in the majestic city, you’ll know that the city has preserved its undimmed historical heritage. For the best exploration, start with the leather market above ChaouwaraTannery’s courtyard to see the beautiful artwork and colorful dyed vats. The smell of pigeons and the quicklime mixture used to heal the pelts can be awesome.

Nevertheless, the words simply cannot do justice to the historical views in action. Look around the bazaar to search for authentic leather products from slippers to handbags.

Blue Streets of Chefchaouen

Situated in north-eastern Morocco, the peaceful town of Chefchaouen gives a break from the fast pace of the big cities. The charming mountainous blue city gives a soothing sight to the eyes as the buildings are painted in different shades of blue, with a glimpse of mountains at the back. The aesthetic scenery of the city attracts a large number of tourists, offering traditional guesthouses, street cafes, and busy aesthetic craft markets.

Moroccan cuisine

When it comes to the places to visit In Morocco for Vacation, the world-famous Moroccan cuisine can never be neglected. After all, vacations aren’t all about traveling. The food here is popular for its aromatic spices and exclusive cooking methods.

Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of many different influences, like the native cooking of the Berbers, the French, the Andalusians, and the Arabs. You can start with trying their special dishes, like harira and tagine at street stalls in the medina.

You can even learn to recreate the cuisine at your home, as many guesthouses offer cooking classes and take you to their market to buy fresh ingredients. The Morocco vacation will not only give you everlasting memories, but also the Moroccan cuisine skill that will last forever.

Overnight beneath the blanket of stars of Sahara Desert

Spending the night in a traditional Bedouin village in the Sahara Desert is majestic.

Use Merzouga (eastern town) as your entrance to the impressive sandbanks of Erg Chebbi (in the background of movies, like Sahara and The Mummy). Then, you can book a 4×4 jeep or a camel safari to tour the magical place and spend the night beneath the majestic blanket of stars.

Sunrises and sunsets are remarkable here, changing the sandbanks into fantastic red and orange landscapes. At night, the stars shine the brightest unspoiled by the air pollution of cities.

From Surfing in the coastal areas to skiing on the Oukaïmeden’s snowy mountains

Morocco Tours are unique as it provides you magnificent experiences, from surfing in the coastal areas of Taghazout (a small fishing village next to Agadir) to skiing on the steep slopes of Oukaimeden (North African mountains).

The waves in the coastal areas are here for all abilities. For serious surfers, Taghazout is the go-to place with world-class surf breaks. While if you’re a beginner or kitesurfer, popular beach resort Essaouira is your place to go because the waves are much gentle there. Trip your time from October to May as the waves are best during that time.

On the other hand, the mountain resort of Oukaimeden is full of thrill-seekers in December and January, as the mountains are all covered with snow. Though the slopes of the Moroccan mountains are steeper as compared to that of Europe or the United States, the resorts also offer chairlifts, ski school, and drag lifts to help you tour the gorgeous snowy North African mountains.

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Wrapping Up!

Morocco Vacations is a great way to know about the great culture and exciting history of Morocco. Whether you prefer group, private, guided morocco tours or small group morocco vacations, the stunning natural landscapes, and cultural heritage places has always something to offer for everyone.


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