The secret garden movie

the secret garden movie

The secret garden: An excellent movie about discovering the secret

Have you seen the secret garden movie? If No, you should see the film because this movie is gorgeous. It is where an orphan discovers a magical garden hidden at her uncle’s estate. It is the sixth movie adaptation of the classic novel by Francis.

In this article, we are going to know about the secret garden movie. The secret garden is a family drama fantasy and elevation pictures. Dixie Egerickx is our lead Mary has some pretty strong performances. It does cover some pretty dark themes and stories, which I will break down here. Let’s do it.

Details about the secret garden movie 

It is a kids’ movie with an enchanting and magical garden in it. Of course, the novel ‘the secret garden’ by Francis Hodgson Burnett is the base on the secret garden movie. The novel takes great pains and characterization. If you’re a fan of the novel, then you’re going to love this movie as it does Imagine and bring to life the secret garden in a brilliant way.


Versions of the secret garden movie 

There are six versions of the secret garden movie. Only two versions are available to stream.


  • The secret garden was initially published in 1911 by Francis Hodgson-Burnett. Of course, with her three most celebrated texts. These are little Lord Fauntleroy and a little princess, the first Shirley temple vehicle. 


  • Fred M. Wilcox directed the classic version of 1949. 

  • Franchise directed the 1993 version of the secret garden. And Francis Ford Coppola produced that. If you’re a massive fan of the 1993 adaptation, you will enjoy the unhappy ending of this version. 


  • The last and latest version has released on 27 August 2020 in the United States and on 30 June 2020 in the United Kingdom. Marc Munden made the newest version of the secret garden, and Jack Throne wrote it. This version has stars Dixie Egerickx, Colin firth and Julie Walters, Eden Hayhurst, Amir Wilson, Sonia Goswami.


The Story  

The story In terms of the storyline for the secret garden, it does stay pretty true to its novel roots. This film’s special effects are that we have “Dixie Egerickx” playing the lead Mary Lennox. The character of Mary Lennox is an orphan child of 10-years old whose parents die. This version is set in 1947 when Pakistan and India’s partition occurs, and cholera wipes out her parents. She is a little girl of very wealthy parents and grew up in India. Then she stayed with other children. 


One day Mrs. Medlock came to pick up Marry. Mrs. Medlock said that Misselthwaite is not a nice place at all and there has nothing for entertainment. Marry goes to live on the estate (Misselthwaite manor in Yorkshire) of her uncle Archibald Craven here, played by “Colin Firth,”  who she’s never met. The estate is in England. So actually a pretty and unpleasant character at Archibald Craven’s manner.


Housekeeper Mrs. Medlock “Julie Walters,” told Mary that the house is fully electronic and advised her to stay in her room.

Now the character has been raised by servants. By the time Mary realizes that this house holds many secrets. At night she feels so cold and hears some terrific sounds. Mary told her servant Martha Sowerby (Iris Davis), but Martha denied whatever she says.


Marry goes outside of the house to play

, and there finds a dog. It’s a super cute dog. Mary named the dog “Jamima.” One day Jamima goes to the secret garden, and Mary starts to fetch it. This key leads her to a garden that holds unlocks for years. Her uncle Archibald Colin locked it after the death of his wife. 


Soon she finds a room where she meets Lord  Craven’s son Colin Craven “Edan Hayhurst.” Colin is sick and bedridden for his entire life. He is entirely unable to walk though it’s not actually for any medical condition. He also shares a bit of a tragic and sad upbringing story with Marry. Significantly, Marry affects a household, and tragedy has met. Because Mrs. Craven, of course, died in the garden, which is why it’s secretive.


Then Marry meets with Dicken Sowerby “Amir Wilson” who becomes a new friend of her. With the help of Dicken, they enter the garden. In the garden, they see different mysterious shapes and things. And finally, they manage to bring the garden back to life. They come near Colin Craven and force him to go into the garden. In the garden, Colin learns to work and become a healthy, happy young boy.


Mrs. Medlock becomes angry about Mari’s manner and decides with craven to transfer her from this place. Mary becomes sad, shares with Dicken and Colin in the secret garden. At the same time, they see that Misselthwaite manor is firing. Mary tries to save her uncle and also become successful.

Then craven sees her son playing in the secret garden.

The sight of this walking amazed her.

He feels joy for the First time in years. Craven becomes grateful to marry. The supernatural power of the secret garden helps Colin Craven and Jamima to get well.


So you can understand why these characters are behaving the way that they are. The movie then takes a bit of positive and happy turns. It also introduces the audience and the characters to this magical and enchanting secret garden where anything is possible. 


The Characters 

In terms of the casting characters, the cast is relatively small in this movie. But that’s fine because all of the characters have a vibrant history, which you find out in this movie. So, let’s quickly go through them one by one.


First, we have “Dixie Egerickx,” who is the main lead in this movie. She plays the Mary Lennox character that I said before. She is relatively annoying in the beginning, but then she carries the film well. Mary is a fearless girl. Even her character softens, and so it will touch your heart.


That was a cheesy thing to say, But I think she did some great stuff with the character. Admittedly it took some time to warm up for the entire first act and even a little way into the second. She makes individual choices on inflecting something they’re not choices that I ever would consider; they work nicely. 


Next up, we have Colin Firth, who plays the character of Archibald Craven.

This character is a bit of a moody and grumpy older man. Similarly to Mary, you find out why this character is like that. Colin Firth does not have a lot of screen time here, but he does make the most of it. As per usual, people liked him quite a bit.


Later on, in the movie, we then have Julie Walters, who plays the character of Mrs. Medlock, a very stan lady who wants everything to be perfect. She isn’t a fan of the Mary Lennox character. 


After that, we have Edan Hayhurst, who plays Colin Craven, a very moody character. You can understand why, based on what I find you out about this character.


And then finally, we have Amir Wilson, who plays the character of Dixon. It is the only positive character from the beginning of the movie. This character is likable all the way through and helps everyone else realize how to be positive. 


The Visuals

In terms of this movie’s visuals, this is definitely where the film comes into its own. The secret garden looks magnificent, marvelous. It’s something that you want to go to, and you do feel immersed because the garden is just so different from anything else. In the movie, the flashback scenes look cool.


You can tell when you’re at present and when you’re in past time. The past scene in India also looks cool. By contrast, the manner seems very cold, very gray, very sad. It is a real contrast to how you can let your imagination go wild in the magical secret garden. So from a visuals point of view, this movie is solid. 


The comparisons 

In terms of comparisons, as I said before, this movie does stay true to its novel roots. 

There have been four other secret garden movies, and all of them have been relatively similar. In the sense that the storyline is more or less the same, I would say before because this is the most recently released. From a visual’s point of view, it looks brilliant, and so from a comparison point of view, I would say this is the strongest. It is an interesting point that the Colin Firth character played Colin Craven in the 1980s version. Now he’s come back. He’s playing lord craven this time. So fascinating throwback, but in terms of comparisons, I would say this version is the strongest. 


So overall, I would say that the secret garden is a kids’ movie. It does have some dark and tragic themes in there as well. You do understand why certain characters are behaving the way and they are throughout the movie. It does have a bit of an undercurrent of hope as well. So it does leave you with a positive and happy feeling by the end of it. For all of those reasons, I’m going to give the secret garden a solid 6.5 out of 10.


I will say that overall you will enjoy this film. People also like the visual just a position between the estate’s gloom, the foggy moor, the rich greens, and the garden’s golds. And maybe with a little bit of the crazy town, butterfly music video in there for good measure. 

Conclusion of the secret garden movie

If you know you’re a masochist, I will say that movie lost me a little bit in the third act. It became pretty happy all of a sudden. It felt like a different movie, while I don’t think the producer does it poorly. If you find it a little jarring, you will decide to look up the book’s synopsis. 


Yeah, a lot of that stuff is not there at all. I’m just trying to figure out what I’m going to give the secret garden. 


FAQs of the secret garden movie:

  • Is there any horror scene in the secret garden movie? 


Answer: No, there are no horror scenes in the movie that will scare you. It has some bizarre scenes that you will enjoy. 


  • Is the secret garden movie beneficial for children?


Answer: Yes. Mary’s curious mind helps her to find a secret. It will teach children about brevity and curiosity. And only brevity and inquisitiveness help anyone to discover anything.


  • How long is the secret garden movie? 


Answer: The secret garden movie’s running time is 1 hour 46 minutes. 


  • Where can I find the HD quality of this movie? 


Answer: You can find it’s HD quality at Vidmate, Amazon, Netflix. 


  • The Secret garden movie is from which country? 


Answer: This movie is from the United Kingdom. 


  • What was the budget for this movie? 


Answer: The budget was 20 million dollars. 


  • Where was the secret garden movie first released? 


Answer: The secret garden movie has first released in Australia.


  • How many years have passed since its last screen adaptation? 

Answer: 27 years. 


  • Is this movie only for kids? 


Answer: No, the secret garden movie is for everyone. This movie is similar to the ‘Harry Potter’ film because you will find some adventure.


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