The Pros And Cons Of Moped Scooters

Pros And Cons Of Moped Scooters
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A moped scooter can be an ideal option for transportation during challenging times. Due to the rise in gas prices and as a consequence of economies declining all over the world, you must select the right kind of vehicle for your needs. Read out Pros And Cons Of Moped Scooters

Due to their fuel-efficient characteristics and ease of maintenance, scooters are among the most popular rides in the world. In peak times, they’re an easy way to get around town. A scooter might just be the vehicle for you if you’re looking for something that would suit your needs. 

A 50cc bike is a worthwhile investment as it can make you go longer on a single charge and save you money on gas. Beginners and those who live near small towns should consider this ride. Getting insurance, getting your car registered, and taking your driving lessons are all you need to get started on your journey.

This article will provide you with both pros and cons of owning a moped scooter. And, if you encounter any future personal injuries, it’s recommended to be familiar with more information as you read the full info here about revel mopeds. Consider both sides so you can fully assess if a 50cc is the best ride for you:


  • Fuel-Efficient 

You can easily navigate the traffic on your scooter, using less fuel and reducing the overall journey time. On two wheels, you get more miles per gallon than four wheels. This could be one of the primary reasons why people opt for two wheels. One of the best features of these scooters is their small tanks which can accommodate reasonable miles. With less than USD$5, you can drive around and about, making significant savings than using a car. This full tank could even last you two to four weeks, depending on your distance. The fuel efficiency of affordable cars tends to be much lower than cheap scooters since they have much lower mpg figures. 

  • Cost-Effective 

You can easily invest less in your daily commute if you switch to a scooter. Although an electric unicycle could be the cheapest commuting alternative, a moped scooter is still more affordable to buy than a car or motorcycle. It’s much cheaper to run as well. Forget about ridiculous amounts of money needed when a spare part of your car engine needs to be replaced. With the reasonable prices and minimalistic parts of a moped scooter, you won’t have to shell out a lot of money when an engine trouble arises. 

Talking about the scooter price, a basic second-hand 50cc scooter would cost under USD$1,000, while a more significant, high-spec model can be as much as USD$2,500. This is a great deal less than the price of a new motorcycle or even a second-hand car. Furthermore, these moped scooters are equally reliable, making them a cost-effective transportation option.

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There’s more to buying a vehicle than just the cost. You must also consider other fundamental costs, like insurance, tax, and MOT. When compared and added all together, then and only then can you realize which is the most affordable one. Fortunately, scooters are just as inexpensive to run as they are to buy!  


A moped is taxed on the engine size and not on the cost it was purchased for. This means mopeds are better suited to low-cost motoring and are lower tax rates. In terms of tax brackets, both 50cc and 125cc scooters require the same tax payments.


MOTs on scooters and mopeds are also the cheapest due to their engine size. Advantageously, your mopeds that are new or less than three years old don’t even require an MOT, which impacts hugely on your savings. However, if it’s beyond three years already, your moped scooter will need an MOT every 12 months.


Vehicle insurance costs can be affected by many factors, such as the type of policy, the period with no claims, your location, age, and the vehicle’s security. But, in comparison, still, a scooter is generally much cheaper to insure than a car or large motorbike. 

  • Great Design 

Scooter buyers often judge scooters by their appearance. Buyers are worried about whether their body size will be compatible with these scooters. This is why the fit is equally important. One helpful tip to ensure that you have chosen the right scooter is to test drive before purchasing. Check out your body’s comfortability and compatibility with the scooter as you drive along smooth and unpaved roads. This will allow you to understand if the design is really good for your body and your driving style.

The following factors may also be taken into account in design: 

  • Legroom is vital for safety, as well as comfort. 
  • The knee shouldn’t obstruct reversing and steering. 
  • Driving on bumpy roads shouldn’t be a problem due to weight. 
  • Having larger tires keeps the scooter sturdy on the street while they’re not in use. 
  • Young users prefer colorful, sporty, modern, and stylishly designed scooters


  • Exposed To Weather Changes 

In two wheels, you have to protect your head and body from rain. There’s no protection against external elements, which makes it a more dangerous option for transportation. The feel of the breeze on your face can be pretty satisfying on a hot day. However, this might not be the case on a chilly winter evening. Even though you’re riding along at 30 mph, rain could be felt on your skin and body, which hurts quite a bit. 

  • Other Drivers’ Complaints 

Some drivers believe they own the road, which applies to any vehicle they’re driving. A dangerous scenario occurs when drivers ignore two-wheeled cars and put them in a difficult road situation. Who knows why some drivers behave like that!  This con is pretty much something you have to consider as it involves safety.  


The benefits of using a moped scooter are innumerable, which could range from purchasing a vehicle at a much lower price than other vehicles to being able to reduce the cost of your commute and use less fuel than you otherwise would. A moped scooter can be an excellent option for you, even if you’ve never owned or ridden one before. However, while there are many good points to consider, there also entail downsides. Therefore, make sure you choose your options wisely.







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