The Gifted Season 3: Connected To The X-Men But With Different Characters!

The Gifted Season 3 is expected to be released in September/October 2019

The Gifted Season 3

One of the best superheroes shows we have. “The Gifted” doesn’t focus on people in flashy suits besting each other. It doesn’t feel cheesy, it’s not a romance story of some show.

Its characters are compelling. One of the highlight characters is actually Agent Turner; every time he feels compassion for mutants. A mutant somewhere does something to destroy his feelings toward them.

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The first season was okay. But Season 2 is the absolute best which centers the plot that the survival of superior beings does depend on the presence of inferior species.

In previous seasons storyline, something like as usual the brotherhood is the dominant species. And other human race fears them thus resulting in the involvement of Sentinel Services with their mutated army.

The Gifted Season 3” may have already encountered such a situation in X-men Days of future past. Then came to the realization that only changing the past could improve the situation. But still, the Brotherhood didn’t survive as manipulation of the timeline creates an alternate universe. Where things could be much worse.

These new gifted people are defending themselves against humans and trying to protect their brotherhood without causing harm to others.

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But “The Gifted Season 3” does not illustrate any storyline about the show. Ultimately this series involves the evolution of younger mutants to be a better human rather than a powerful mutant.

The Gifted has been renewed in the second season in September 2018. And the first season came out in October 2017. Therefore, we can hope that season three will be coming out in September/October 2019.

Well, when the FOX announced a proper and confirmed release date. Then we will inform the fans bout it on the same platform.


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