The evolution of gambling – from scratch card to online

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The evolution of gambling has definitely significantly over the course of the last few years. With technology came a ton of changes and improvements to the world of gambling. Not only for the benefit of the player by creating an online Cricket ID casino atmosphere but a place where players feel comfortable and at home while in pursuit of a jackpot. After all, technology has been used for convenience and to make people’s lives easier. For instance just like its now used for delivering food right to your doorstep, it now has the convenience of allowing people to bet and gamble from their own phones, from the convenience of being wherever they please. People no longer have to travel to Las Vegas in order to play their favorite casino games, they can simply connect their smartphones or computers to a wifi connection and start playing at casinos not in the UK and often win money right away.

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Ancient Gambling

Online Cricket Betting ID is so popular today that often people forget how it even got started. Back to 2300 BC there are claims that in ancient China, people used to play games of chance. The evolution of gambling in 500 BC, the Greeks used to play games with dice, for entertainment purposes,as they would eventually win something out of rolling the same numbers.

Card games appeared from the ancient Chinese civilization, as they created paper from which they could shuffle and play with. Essentially they developed even cards where they could play games of chance, which developed into the card games like dead mans poker that we know nowadays.


Casinos didn’t start until the 1400s, where games like baccarat were introduced early on, and it was slightly played the same way that people play it today. Blackjack did not appear until 1600s, and it used to be called before “veintiuna” meaning 21, but of course the game back then was a mere version of what it is today. The evolution of gambling in 1829 was when Poker made its debut to the world in New Orleans, and it was quite similar to what the game is now, however it consisted before being played with a deck of 20 cards and a maximum of four players.

Scratch Cards

Funny enough, right after casinos and games of chance started to appear in the world, the first lottery game was introduced until 1974. The game was created by a computer in Massachusetts, and it was a game of chance very similar to what the lottery looks nowadays. Until1987 there was a patent made public for scratch cards, to continue increasing the games of chance available to the public. This is where the fun began, as people started getting super excited about the possibility of winning, and about games that had to do with luck and chance.

The evolution of gambling has made changes completely from how it started out before. In 1994 the invention of virtual casinos started to develop and people started to get slightly into them as they still lacked the knowledge of what technology was, compared to what people do today. These days, virtual casinos have been drastically increasing in popularity as people have found it incredibly convenient to have access to casinos through virtual platforms.



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