The “Dark” Throwing Another Season To Move Forward The Series Third Time!

The "Dark" series confirming the details for Season 3: Have details!

The “Dark

“Dark” is a German base web TV series. It is a mystery series that will show thrill, adventure, and supernatural effects with the science fiction genre. The series has premiered in 2017 for the first time. And it became much famous within very less time.

Table of Contents


This is a well-developed and thought-out show, with a fairly simple plot and concept. It is made to feel new again through the study of its complicated characters. At its heart, this is a story about several families, living in three different timelines, in a small town in Germany. These are deeply flawed characters, afflicted with memories of their failings and regrets.

And the pain they have caused one another throughout the years. Nobody is truly innocent in this town, and everyone has something to hide, which of course makes the show far more compelling.

Moreover, you will learn fairly quickly that everything is interconnected, and every decision made, every action taken. The real story begins when children get missing in the local town of German. This will reveal some sinful past uncovering now. That is based on the breakup of four families. And they are searching the kids in the German domestically.

However, a serious mystery will reveal this time and put the connection between all, who are fighting behind this great mystery of the past. What matter they know the reason behind that connection or not. They don’t know why they are getting connected with each clue.

Cast Details

The showrunner explaining the details about Dark Season 3. Through which we came to know that the following members will join the series next season.

  • Magnus as Moritz Jahn
  • Elisabeth as Carlotta von Falkenhayn
  • Adam as Dietrich Hollinderbäumer
  • Wöller as Leopold Hornung
  • Katharina as Nele Trebs
  • Ulrich as Winfried Glatzeder
  • Egon Tiedemann as Sebastian Hülk
  • Bartosz as Paul Lux
  • Claudia Tiedemann as Julika Jenkins
  • Noah as Max Schimmelpfennig
  • Charlotte as Karoline Eichhorn
  • Elisabeth as Sandra Borgmann
  • Ulrich Nielsen as Oliver Masucci
  • Franziska Doppler as Gina Stiebitz
  • Hannah as Maja Schöne

However, the show is expected to release in summer 2020.


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