The Curse of Oak Island Season 7

The treasury hunt series is going to hunt the hearts of its fans again. As the “The Curse of Oak Lands” is renewing the series for it’s another season. Yes! “The Curse of Oak Lands Season 7” will release soon to amaze the fans with the best. It will again continue to uncover the mystery of 200 years old tree by Marty and Rick.

This is a very enjoyable show which seems to reveal a new mystery each week.  As you know that Marty Lagina is a multi-millionaire and that there are other investors. But, while they are not finding the ultimate treasure. Whatever it is, they are finding artifacts that keep the viewer interested.  A great team of explorers who continually show their enthusiasm for the project.

In last season 3, both the actors Marty and Rick facing disappointments while they are continuing mining and exploring. But they have found some artifacts pieces in this research. However, they include Knights Templar Cross, Iron Spikes, Golden Brooch, Rhodolite Garnet Brooch some other material.

In recent days, the rumors about the cancellation of the 7th season are at a very high edge. Therefore, the channel is recently refusing from all these rumors and finally announced the “The Curse of Oak Lands Season 7”. And this season will include round about 22 to 36 episodes. This time the mysteries of Marty and Rick gonna be too long.

However, the “The Curse of Oak Lands Season 7” is set to air out on 5th November 2019. So don’t go away, just wait for a little to watch the amazing mysteries will reveal by Lagina Brother in 7th season.

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