The Curse of Civil War Gold Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer & News

The Curse of Civil War Gold Season 2 Release Date, Trailer and more!

The Curse of Civil War Gold Season 2

History channel always is the first to entertain its viewers and it always brings most anticipated and latest TV series for the younger and mature. And now it will add one more show to its catalog as “The Curse of Civil War Gold Season 2”. This show gets a high rating as it has only one season released previously.

Kevin Burns, Joe Lessard, and Kim Sheerin are working as executive producers for this show. The episode 6 of season 1 was released on March 2018. Although, it was finished in April 2018. The positive and high rated response of the audience forces the producers and the directors to remake its next season. (Buy molnupiravir)

Here I will explain to you such information about the upcoming Hollywood show that you should know before watching its full season.

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It has an amazing plot that will impress the action lovers. Fans are very attached with its astonishing storyline that has 30 hour time for overall 6 episodes.

It revolves around the treasure hunters Marty Lagina and Rick who are also cast in the History “Curse of Oakland”. Here they have the new mystery that is opposite to “Curse of Oak Land”.

The story shows the history of 1861 when the union soldiers allied by the Jefferson David president and take away his gold. After looting, this gold was smuggled to somewhere on the north side. At last, it was ended up in Michigan Lake and still now it is estimated that it was still there.

With this mission, the president instructs him and his team members to go down to the depth of the Michigan Lake. And take them to prove the query that is placing in his mind.

Directors: Kevin Burns, Joe Lessar, and Kim Sheerin

Star Cast: Robert Clotworthy, Kevin Dykstra, Brad Richards & others

Release Date: 23rd April 2019


Have a look at the “The Curse of Civil War Gold” new season.



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