The Complete Guide to Live Casino Games and Terms

Casino Games and Terms

The online casino gaming space is increasingly becoming competitive, forcing operators to look for new ways of engaging their customers. Offering a live casino experience at your home has become trendy in top online casinos. The casinos use live dealer games to make their users feel like they are at a physical casino.

Brick-and-mortar casino die-hards complained that the typical online casino games felt like video games. However, live games have helped the casino regain the trust of such players. For instance, a live dealer dealing cards is a much more trustworthy experience for online gamblers.

This doesn’t mean that online casinos can rig games! Top-rated online casino operators like Betway have the house edge on all their games and don’t have to do any funny business to win!

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How Live Dealer Games Work

Live dealer games don’t rely on Random Number Generators (RNG). Instead, it involves a real person dealing cards.

The cards have chips that are swiped and presented on the player’s screen. On the other hand, the dealer uses a monitor to keep track of players involved in the game. The dealer also uses the screen to monitor the live chat. Players can also use the chat box to have a friendly chat with the dealer.

Live Casino Games Tips

It would be best to keep several things in mind when enjoying live casino games. Here are some invaluable tips to consider:

  • Ensure you have reliable internet. An unreliable internet connection will ruin your live casino gaming experience.
  • Please learn the basics before you start a real money game. Consider playing the demo version of your preferred game before you start wagering with real cash. Luckily, top-rated platforms like Betway offer demo versions for most games.
  • Maintain focus. Because you’ll be playing from home, you could easily get distracted. It will help if you remain focused to achieve your gameplay objectives.
  • Evaluate bonuses and promotions. Check the bonuses available for the live dealer section and their terms. Go for casinos that offer mouthwatering bonuses with reasonable terms.
  • Be courteous. It is also best to keep casino etiquette. For example, talk politely with the dealers and other players.

Pros and Cons of Live Casino Games


  • Social aspect: Table game enthusiasts love to interact with one another to make their games a social activity. Live dealer games allow players to chat with each other and the dealer.
  • Lower limits: Live games have lower limits than typical online casino games. On some online casino platforms, you can enjoy live roulette for less than a dollar.
  • Wide range of games and bets: Players can place various bets on live casino games. For example, you can place various side bets that you might not find at your local casino.


  • Technical issues: If your internet is unreliable or power goes out when you are in the middle of a hand, you could lose a game you would have won!

Live Casino Terms

Finally, learn the lingo of live casinos before you start enjoying games. Some crucial terms you should know include the following:

  • Ante bet: This is your first bet in the game.
  • Casino lobby: Refers to the full catalog of the casino’s games.
  • Croupier or dealer: This is the person who hosts the live games. They normally deal cards or spin the wheel.
  • Flash casino: This is a live casino you access directly from your browser.
  • Game control unit: This is a small device for encoding details from the live game.
  • Live chat: This feature allows players to communicate with the dealer and other players.
  • Video streaming: The technology dealers use to broadcast games from studios to the players’ screens.  



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