The Biggest Wellness Trends Of 2020

Wellness Trends Of 2020

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and presents you with a unique opportunity to become the best version of yourself. Previously, the mind-body connection was not a usual thing in the communities. Things are different now, and wellness is now considered to be available to everyone. The wellness trends of 2020 are more likely to focus on starting and improving what is perceived as small habits. It would help if you also considered that there isn’t a single way of improving your wellness; it’s a matter of individual preference. In this article, you’ll get an insight into what to expect to see in the The Biggest Wellness Trends Of 2020.

Your Home Is the New Wellness Studio

As home fitness equipment becomes more sophisticated, you can do workouts that are at the same level as those in wellness studios.  You can now find equipment that mimics activities such as boat rowing and cycling with screens that produce the splashing sounds. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology has played a significant role in all sectors of our lives. The technology imitates a human’s capability to read and interpret data. Several fitness products have incorporated AI technology. For instance, you’ll find smart gyms that use digital weights and makes appropriate alterations to fit every user’s skill level. 

This capability makes it easy for you to get a personalized training routine that addresses your fitness objectives. With AI, you can also access virtual trainers and select from on-demand classes. 

Besides fitness, AI has also been an essential tool in preventive, curative, and diagnostic health. The technology can diagnose cancers faster and can develop more personalized treatment routines for diseases that were challenging to manage in the past.

In 2020 you should expect to see more from AI. The technology continues to be a great addition to our daily life activities. 


In the past, meditation was considered a thing of particular religions. But, of late, it has gained popularity, and more people are embracing it because of its benefits. Meditation has been found to enhance emotional wellbeing, improves your focus and general welfare. 

In 2020, you are likely to see the popularity of this wellness practice to grow further.

To get the best out of meditation, you should select the type that you’ll connect with. If you are a beginner, any kind of guided meditation is ideal. 

Meditation allows you to focus your mind instead of focusing on the thoughts in your head. 

You can go to YouTube and find numerous videos that can guide you on mediation. Select one that works for you. If you have stress and anxiety issues, it would be best to try Transcendental Meditation or TM. 

Plant-Based Meats

In 2019, plant-based types of meat popularity grew exponentially. Many fast-food restaurants introduced meat alternatives to their menus. That is not a passing trend, with people becoming more responsible for their wellbeing, you should expect it to continue in 2020. 

Plant-based meats are no longer a preserve of the vegetarians; everyone is embracing them. More people are becoming increasingly conscious of what they consume and how it impacts their health. 

Wellness Retreats

Holidays have presented people with an excellent opportunity to escape their daily unhealthy routines. While on holiday, you get away from the stressful regular schedule and have time for yourself. You’ll also forgo your alcohol-soaked routine and instead have more meaningful retreats. 

In 2020, you should expect people to take more retreats focused on more than just relaxing. The trips will be packed with activities that focus on the physical and mental wellbeing of those involved. 

CBD Skincare

The increase in the sales of CBD products is an indication that it is becoming appreciated in the beauty industry. It also shows that there is increasing integration of the beauty and wellness industries. 

CBD or cannabidiol is the cannabis strain that is not psycho-active. It is sourced differently from marijuana and does not include THC. Therefore, CBD does not have any legal issues and is not psycho-active. 

 CBD is available in the form of drops and an edible variety. People are increasingly using it in skincare products because of its healing capabilities as a result of its anti-inflammatory features.    In 2020, you should expect to see people having acne issues turning to CBD. The reason is that it soothes the skin, reduces redness, and helps in the renewal of cells. 

Another strength of CBD that will increase its use is because it is an antioxidant. This strength will make it to be adopted by many as an anti-aging ingredient.  

Bottom Line

Wellness is going to be a significant trend in 2020. With the upsurge of lifestyle diseases, society is becoming more conscious of how their bodies respond to what they consume. In 2020, you should expect to see holistic wellness trends. There will be a focus on both physical and mental wellbeing.     


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