The Biggest Myths about Slots


Many myths and superstitions surround playing on slot machines. While many of these stories only make people smile, many of these myths are related to a misunderstanding of the principles of the setting of the games.

Probably no other type of casino game is more a symbol of human progress than a slot machine. They once stood at the edge of the casino to entertain casino visitors. Today, slots have turned into a dignified part of the gaming business, which has brought unexpected profits to both the casino and some lucky players. A few decades ago (about 20 years ago) slot machines accounted for 30% of casino profits. Today it is 70%.

But, as one might expect from such a complicated thing, a whole bunch of myths has sprung up around the slots. Many of them are still today mistaken as truth, which may cause significant loses for players. And these are the ones we look at today.

The Biggest Slots Myths

One slot – better chance of winning.

Many casino players have experienced a situation where a player has left a slot, exchanged it for another, and the previous one has paid a real win to the new player. It may seem that it could be favourable to play longer on the single machine. In fact, it does not matter.

The slot that just paid out the jackpot will not give any more prizes immediately

This superstition is based on the assumption that the slot machine has to save money for another win after it has already paid out. Players then dodge such a slot. It is true that slot machines are set to pay only a certain percentage. However, you still have a chance of winning after another player has succeeded.

Casinos set up slot machines as they like

Some players believe that slots are most likely to pay out during the particular part of the day. And that, the casinos can set up the machine to behave this way. This is not true. The casino cannot interfere with the slot setting. The same applies for online casinos as well. Only the producer of the game can do this. All slots have random number generator that are rigorously tested to acts as randomly as possible. And setting the game to win more at night is not very random.

Better to play with smaller bets but longer

Players often think that the more coins they have, the longer they will be able to spend at the slot machine and thus have a better chance of winning a big win. Yes, if you bet only a minimum amount on each spin, you stretch your game time and increase your chances of winning. However, as good as this tactic sounds, it does only one thing – it prolongs your game session. In fact, it is better to play with higher bets, because if you hit the jackpot, your winnings will be much higher.

The slot did not pay out in a while; you can win big

One of the most common slots myths which compulsive gamblers tell themselves. The game does not alter the results of the slots according to the amount of money lost by players. Even if could make sense on the first sight. Especially when it comes to the online slots. Results of particular spins are determined by Random Number Generator, which does not consider any external factors.

There are betting systems which help you win at slots

Unlike poker or blackjack, slots are strictly game of chance. Sadly, there is no valid slots strategy, which guarantees winning in the long run.

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