The Best Laptop AC adapter and Battery Chargers You Should Consider In 2019

laptop ac adapter

Laptop charging issues are so common nowadays that it is kind of typical to see at least 2 people a day ranting about their laptops being out of charge.

Honestly, carrying chargers of your laptops all along with you is such a 2018 kind of a thing. No one has the patience to bear a computer with power issues. The companies are working every day to keep on making the best laptop battery charger that would resolve the fuss.

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Here are some of the best laptop AC battery adapter and power banks to make your life easier.

1-  Mophie Powerstation AC Adapter

The all-new Mophie Powerstation AC tops the list when it comes to the best portable laptop
battery chargers and power banks available right now.

All its goodness lies in its ability to provide high power output in less time. This fantastic laptop charging device with all the benefits of portability has the power to charge 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Moreover, its USB-C port rated at 30W with a USB-PD label makes it one of the few devices that can fast charge an iPhone X or iPhone 8.


  • The highest output portable battery 22Ah Capacity
  • Provides an output of 100W
  • USB-PD able to fast charge the latest iPhones


  • Not easily affordable
  • 2-  Omni 20 USB-C
  • Having the newest laptop means you must buy this device to keep your machine running all day.
  • Omni 20 USB-C not only comes with insanely high capacity but also has multiple ports which allow charging of multiple USB-C devices at a time.
  • The cherry on top is, its ability to work as a USB Hub.
  • This best laptop battery charger also helps you in clearing out some extra storage space and store the date in it instead.


  • High capacity
  • Numerous USB ports


  • A bit expensive
  • It is only available in the US and UK at this time

2. Poweradd Pilot Pro 2

One of the best laptop AC adapter available, the PowerAdd Pilot Pro2 comes with numerous connectors and is compatible with most of the new laptops in the market. Having a warranty of a two-years, the charger has a large 23MAh/85Wh capacity for a power packed performance.

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With all these benefits, the Pilot Pro2 comes at an affordable rate and is a very lightweight device to be carried everywhere easily.


  • Easily affordable
  • Comes with 10 Notebook Connectors
  • Comes with an extended lasting warranty
  • Insanely powerful
  • Cons:
    No Type-C connectors

3. Westronix 90W Slim Universal AC Laptop Charger

The Westronix 90W Slim Universal is one of the best Laptop AC Charger with an advanced transformer.


  • The transformer can handle 100V to 240V. I
  • Comes with a two-prong input so you can charge it wherever you travel. You don’t have to search for converters in case you need 110V charger plug.
  • Supports 50HZ 240V connections


There are always a variety of best laptop AC adapter and power banks available on the go at every shop. Anyone facing the laptop charge issues and annoyed by it can put the problem to rest through these devices.

However, choosing the best portable laptop battery chargers and power banks can be kind of a tricky thing to do. Especially for people with less knowledge about such stuff, this can get a little hectic to decide. Hopefully, with our list of best laptop battery chargers and power banks of 2019, you will select the best.


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