Hard hat headlamp as the name suggests is a portable light source mounted on a hard hat usually worn over the head. 

Working in areas that have minimal light or no source of light can be hazardous and injurious to you or your colleagues. While working indoors with no sources of light or even during the night time you will need a source of lighting to help you maneuver. 

While choosing the perfect hard hat headlamp for your activities it’s important to put in mind the following considerations:

  1. Its illumination quality

The major purpose of purchasing a hard hat headlamp is getting light illumination; you must choose one that has the best illumination. How can you choose this? Most lamps have labels indicating the light intensity being illuminated.

The brightness and intensity should be adjustable too, being able to adjust from dim to full light. This will enable you to choose the level of brightness you need.

2.Weight of the hard hat light

This will enable you to carry on with your daily activities with ease. Consider a hard hat headlamp that is light to wear and move with.

3. The type of power used

There are two major varieties to choose from, the rechargeable and those that are battery-powered. 

The rechargeable ones are recharged when power gets used up while battery-powered requires the battery to be changed when power has been used up.

Rechargeable lights are slowly increasing as they are easily recharged by sources of power available like power banks. They are also light in weight and smaller. 

Lights powered by batteries lose their brightness over an extended period of use. They tend to be affected by their climatic surroundings by being affected by extreme low and high fluctuations in temperatures.

Battery-powered are unique and advantageous in the sense that when left without being used they will self-recharge hence they don’t lose their power totally as compared to rechargeable ones.

4. Ease of operation

A good and reliable headlamp should be turned on and turned off without any difficulty or strain. The headlamp should be able to be operated when in a wet or dry setting. With the advancement in technology, it’s advisable to invest in a smart hard hat light as opposed to a manually set light.

The head hat lights should be impact resistant to ensure that they are not easily damaged. 

They should also be resistant to different weather conditions.

5. Consider the type of torch on your hard hat headlamp

The type of torch available on your hard hat will have a direct effect on the durability and weight of your hard hat. 

  • LED

Light-emitting diode technology bulbs as they are commonly referred operate and consume less power and are lightweight hence easy to carry around. 

  • CREE

Hard hat headlamps that use CREE bulbs, on the other hand, are brighter than LED bulbs.

  • Single bulb torch

Torch with single bulbs, on the other hand, produce that enough light to suit your needs but not as bright as LED or CREE bulbs. They use either halogen bulbs or krypton bulbs. They not only produce light but also emit heat. They are however not advisable to be used outside for an extended period.

  • Single LED torch

Some hard hat lights come with a single LED torch that produces the best quality of white light. 

Other types of torch bulbs are the hybrid and the multi-array torch bulbs.

After getting to know the factors to consider while out shopping for the perfect hard hat lights, there exists a wide range of hard hat headlamps to choose from. The type of hard hat light will depend on your intended purpose and amount you are wishing to spend.

The following are some headlamps one can consider getting in 2020 to help you in case of a power outage or when in a poorly lit environment.

They are not arranged in any particular order

Headlamp, Dan-force LED rechargeable headlamp

This hard hat light is lightweight with a long battery life that can be charged using a USB cable. Despite being resistant to all weather conditions it has adjust-ability of 90 degrees in terms of the direction of illumination.

Steel man pro 78834 slim profile rechargeable LED 250-lumen motion-activated headlamp

This ranks among the best in the market because of its long battery life and durability. It’s also packed with a battery that rechargeable and is adjustable to suit your range of needs from the head size and the direction of illumination. You can also go up to a depth of 10 meters underwater for about 9 hours.

LE Headlamp LED 4 Modes Headlight

It’s designed to fit any head type and size as its adjustable. It’s also resistant to impacts and water. It’s best used in activities like swimming and recreational activities, hiking, running or just going about your business at your working area. The light emitted extends over a wider area. 

Stream light 61702 bandit

Just like the other headlight, these are also lightweight and resistant to the different weather conditions you may find yourself in. they come with a hat clip and strap and a USB cable.

Grade Zoom-able 3 Modes super bright LED headlamp

Whether you are out hiking or diving in the deep seas these hard hat lights will provide you with super bright light. It boasts of an over 100,000 hours of usage. They are also adjustable hence can fit any head size. Their ability to be water-resistant ensures they serve you for a long time. When it comes to storage space, these hard hat headlamps can be folded hence don’t take up much space.


While deciding on the best hard hat light, it’s of importance to consider the illumination quality of the light produced and the time the hard hat headlamp while take while switched on. The durability of the hard hat lights is also key features while settling on the right hard hat headlamp.

A hard hat headlamp is a necessary have for any person working outside or indoors but the light is not enough or is lacking impairing your sight. A hard hat headlamp that is of the best quality is a necessity. Quality will range from the cost to the comfort of the hard hat light.


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