The American Movie Preview Of The Devil Wears Prada 2006

The Devil Wears Prada 2006

Woww!!! Devil Wears Prada, What an eye-opener movie of Emily Blunt. It makes you think the industry worry about small and petty things like clothes, fashion sense, shoes, jacket we wear etc. And they try to emulate the models and celebrities who endorse these brands. But decision depends person-to-person and it is open-ended.

Now coming to the film, it is about Andy (Hathaway) who is looking for a job of a journalist. But the effort ends up as an Assistant to Miranda (Streep) for the time being. How she starts liking and admiring fashion, what events lead to quitting her job and finally became a journalist in one of the press.

Every role in this movie is well portrayed and there is so much going on with this movie. Like Emily’s Boudica movie it gives you so many perspectives of life. Your fight for your love, career, the opportunity costs, hard and ruthless decisions you need make to climb up and stay there. How this mad race can drive you to be the best or can even make you forget your core. And all of this presented in a highly entertaining way.

The most favorite scenes and the last dialogue is amazing Meryl Streep: “Don’t be ridiculous, everyone wants to be like me”. Then after that Hathaway was speechless and at her wits’ end and just walked away. It left a hidden message no matter what we end up doing we don’t want just to please people. And it is our choice whether we want to do it or not. Huge respect. Anne, Emily, and Stanley. Good Story and gives a feel-good message!

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