The ABC Murders Season 2: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers, News

Another sequel of a serial killer will be there for fans as The ABC Murders Season 3

The ABC Murders Season 3

Alex Gabassi entertains the fans with the more adventurous series sequel “The ABC Murders Season 2”. The remake of the series has new hope for viewers to know what will be there in this upcoming Hollywood show.

Here in the post I will tell you the release date, show you a trailer and more information about the show that you should know. Besides all, it is quite clear that before seeing any serial or show you must have an idea about the plot to gain the real part of the entertainment and joy.

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This series adopts a lightweight, but perfectly useful, the mystery from Agatha Christie and makes it an incoherent mess.

Great production values as is true of so much TV these days. But indifferent acting including John Malkovich with an absolutely curious accent and a stinker of a script/story. Poirot introduced by this version is different from the original. Yet this is just added trickery and another character aspect to play around with if any more editions are made.

But overall, its previous seasons are not going well. Fans are not too much happy with this series as they have the claims against the main role. They think that the main characters are so dull. They must be with investigative personality not like a sad old man.

However, the show goes well beyond the standards. It has got some decent qualitative adaptations in season 3. The main story revolves around a chase thriller who is a serial killer and teases with the letters ABC.

Director: Alex Gabassi

Star Cast: John Malkovich, Eamon Farren, Michael Shaeffer with other star casts.

Release Date: 2020


If you have not seen some parts of the show then complete it by watching full episodes on Amazon Prime. And if you are new to the show then here will The ABC Murders Trailer for you. This will show you a short story idea.


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