The 3 Best Garage Door Options to Enhance Your Property

Garage Door Options

One of the easiest ways to give your property an instant makeover is to replace the existing garage door. With the current variety of types, colours and designs on the market, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Garage Door Options-

Whether you opt for roller doors, panel lift garage doors or custom doors, the right option will not only be functional but stylish as well. What’s the difference between these three options and which would best suit your property?

Choosing the Best Type of Garage Door Options for Your Property

Having some basic information on the most common garage door types will help you identify the option best suited for your space. Let’s take a closer look at the popular options Australian homeowners are choosing. 

Panel Lift Doors 

Panel lift doors are built in sections or panels and are popular because they can be designed to match the surrounding building’s façade. Panel lift doors run on metal tracks installed on your ceiling. Stylistically they offer a vast range of customisation options along with a variety of features. 

Panel lift doors are an immensely popular option for residential homes because they have great street appeal. Furthermore, not only are they affordable but offer great functionality. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Broad range of customisation options making it easy to find a style to blend with or accentuate current décor
  • Since most panel tilt doors use a spring balance hinge system, they’re ideal for smaller spaces
  • Easy to maintain or repair when necessary
  • Sturdy with safety features that can be customised 
  • Can easily be upgraded to industry-grade material as well as a smoother finish for a more modern aesthetic
  • Designed using innovative technology allowing these doors to operate smoothly
  • Most manufacturers can create doors applying claddings such as Colorbond sheeting or western red cellar wood for premium design options
  • Doors with heavy cladding can be equipped with counterweights to create more balance
  • Panel lift doors can be motorised to blend in with your seamless design

Roller Doors

For many years, a roller type was considered to be the best type of garage door. It was the go-to when you were upgrading from an old fashioned “two-door open and close system”. A lot has changed since those days! 

Roller doors are well-known for their ability to roll up when they need to open and close. This happens by using a drum that is placed on top of your garage door opening. For people who still prefer a roller door, the good news is, their quality has been upgraded. A few benefits of the traditional roller door are:

  • Very versatile – can be used on garages, carports, storage facilities, commercial properties, sheds and even warehousing facilities
  • Designed with security and smooth operation in mind
  • Generally more affordable than a panel lift door with similar dimensions
  • Can be constructed to fit taller or even narrower spaces making it ideal for custom spaces on the property
  • Allows for modification to withstand Australia’s strong wind conditions
  • Doors can be customised to accommodate double and single garage door spaces
  • Roller doors can also be motorised, making it easy to operate them using a handheld remote or internal keypad

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are made with multiple panels that easily slide up when they’re opened. Since these doors have been designed with improving street appeal in mind, they’re an immensely popular option for homeowners. 

With a variety of designs, colours and styles it’s easy to find a door that fits or complements your home décor. Sectional doors are functional and can easily be fitted into spaces where the headroom is limited. This makes these doors perfect for spaces that are too small for roller doors.

The most common benefits of sectional garage doors include the following:

  • Innovative technology delivers a functional, secure and noticeably quiet door
  • Unlike one-piece tilt doors, sectional doors don’t swing forward into the garage allowing you to park your car against the door without worrying about damage when the door opens
  • These doors can be motorised with high-cycle motors making it easy to open the door with a remote or keypad
  • Simple to maintain or repair
  • Can be easily manufactured to fit wider garage entry spaces
  • Sectional doors are sturdy and allow for a wide range of safety upgrades
  • Customers can choose from a wide range of styles, designs and colours
  • Modern and stylish design options with street appeal in mind 
  • Commercial sectional doors with motorized functions allow the user to open the door and leave it open in the event of an emergency

Final Thought

With the quality garage door options available, there’s no need for you to be stuck with an outdated, featureless option. Upgrading your garage door not only enhances the aesthetic value of your property but also adds to your home’s value. Whether you opt for a modern panel lift or a more traditional roller door, finding a stylish upgrade to an old garage door has never been easier! 




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