The 100’s Lindsey Morgan Reveals Why Her Character Is “Not In A Good Place”

The 100's Lindsey Morgan Reveals Why Her Character Is "Not In A Good Place"

The 100
Image Source: The CW

Lindsey, who plays mechanic Raven Reyes on The CW’s sci-fi drama series, admits that her character has skillful loads over the previous few seasons. First, it absolutely was the betrayal of medic Clarke Griffin, so the death of Miles Shaw. The couple developed a romantic relationship back in season 5.

“She contains a heap of anger between the betrayal of Clarke. The death of Shaw and the betrayal and primarily the death of their relationship with Abby,”. She told Digital Spy. “Yeah, she’s not in a very smart place. She disagrees with the method the folks at the Sanctum run their lives, what they are doing.

She continued: “So she’s not somebody who’s gonna amendment her opinion simply because everybody else is. And straight away folks notice her terribly unlikable as a result of she’s quite standing alone and yelling ‘No, we will not do this’.

While season six is presently airing within America. The CW boss Mark Pedowitz has antecedently discovered that government producer Jason Rothenberg has plans for season seven too.

“I believe that it may contain arrange on the far side year 5,”. Moreover, he told Nerdist, although admitted, “It’s ahead of time to own that discussion”.

He might have a six or seven-year attempt to it. “I do not know if I am allowed to even say that he contains on the far side year 5, however he will.”


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