Tha Carter V Album will be released on September 27: Lil Wayne

lil wayne

Tha Carter V album of Lil Wayne was failed last week to appear online. His fans turned down their feelings. Rumors said the release of the project was on its way. Wayne changed the mood of his fans on Tuesday, September 25. He posted on Twitter that he has an announcement at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Wayne announced his exclusive album will be released on September 27, right on his birthday.

He posted a 3-minute video clip and explained his journey to Carter V. He also thanked fans for their tolerance and patience.

Lil Wayne and his daughter

Wayne said in a video clip, “I heard there was a confusion regarding the release date of Tha Carter V album. I heard y’all got a little mixed up and most people thought it was going to be released during last week or something. Well, I would like to inform you that since most fans stuck with me and hung in there any way for like the past 4-5 years, through all of this — Y’all got me feeling like Tiger Woods with this comeback. I actually have something special on my birthday: I will be releasing Tha Carter V”.

After the end of the video clip, Wayne posted the cover art for Carter V. It sticks to the series’ childhood theme, and portrays a younger version of Weezy standing alongside his mother. Tunechi said, “Honestly, my fans, my supporters, the world, you know, of course, it’s God and my family first and I am nothing, absolutely nothing”.

Wayne has installed a countdown on his website to keep fans on their toes for Tha Carter V. It will continue to run until the release date of the album.


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