Texas Man Dies After Attending COVID-19 Party Thinking Infection Is Hoax

COVID-19 party

A 30-year-old man from Texas attended a “COVID-19 party” hosted by a person who was coronavirus positive and died. Doctors reveal the underlining risk of the virus for younger people, and how they aren’t taking things seriously.

Jane Appleby, the chief medical officer of Methodist Hospital from San Antonia said that the man thought coronavirus is a hoax, even though it has killed more than 135,000 people in the US till now.

Someone diagnosed with the disease decided to have a party, invited people over to see if the disease was real, stated Appleby. One of the heart-wrenching moments was when the man told his nurse that he might have made a mistake, realizing that it was too late. He thought his condition wasn’t real and that he was young so he wouldn’t be affected.

Appleby stated that young people don’t often understand how sick they are. They might not look sick, but when they verify their oxygen levels and lab tests, things are different. They are probably sicker than they appear and that is why considering COVID-19 as a risk is important.

COVID-19 Party

The concept of having COVID party has seen an uproar in parts of the US. These parties are organized when someone gets infected with the virus. They gather a bunch of people to check if the virus actually spreads. This is exactly how a man from San Antonio got infected and it took away his life.

Many people have blamed younger people because of the surge in cases in Florida, which has raised questions on how the country is trying to quell the virus.

The US is the most hard-hit country due to the coronavirus, and the mindsets of the people expose a lot. If more people continue to throw COVID-19 party and don’t realize the severity, it will keep on getting worse.


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