Tennis Betting: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Tennis Betting Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re a novice bettor or a connoisseur, one sport you don’t want to miss out on is tennis. The game has a long season to offer, from the Australian Open’s hard courts to the sprawling greens of Wimbledon. Not to mention, each tournament is just as exciting as the last.With several strategies from pre-game to in-play betting, you could be raking in the profits in no time. However, if you’re “new to the courts,” you may have a few concerns. Well, this article have best tips for Tennis Betting Ultimate Guide For Beginners.

Even if you’re an ace at the game, consider going through MightyTips’ guide. After all, brushing up on your skills can never hurt!

Tennis Value Betting: The Golden Rule

As you invest more time in the game, you will develop betting strategies and nuances of your own. That said, in every tennis betting strategy, there is one fundamental law: bet only when you see value in it. 

Typically, you place a value bet when it seems that the outcome is surer than suggested by the odds. Say you will have Daniil Medvedev playing against Novak Djokovic. From previous matches in the season, it appears that Djokovic has been beating Medvedev more and more often. 

In this circumstance, bookmakers will declare Djokovic the favorite with the most favorable odds at 1.50. Per these odds, the likelihood of Djokovic stealing the win is nearly 66.67%. However, after you perform a personal analysis, you find the odds nearer 75%. This situation would then be one for placing a value bet.

Tennis Value Bets: How Do They Work?

Value betting is non-negotiable if you want to profit from sports betting in tennis. However, before you do that, you need to know just how to calculate this value. Well, worry no more because it takes only a super-simple calculation.

Value = (Decimal Odds x Assessed Probability) – 1

Now, let’s consider how this formula will look concerning the example mentioned above. The bookmaker holds Djokovic has 1.50 odds of beating Medvedev. From your research, it appears that the odds are around 75%. So, what value does this particular match offer?

Value = (1.50 x 0.75) – 1

Valu = 1.125 – 1

Value = 0.125

As long as the value you get is more than zero, you can call it a value bet. So in this example, you get a 12.5% value on the proposed 1.50 odds of Djokovic beating Medvedev. Not to mention, this value bet is quite substantial.

When you start calculating values in this fashion, it increases your chances of calling more accurate odds than bookmakers. Keep this up consistently, and you will be well on your way to becoming a long-time tennis bettor that rakes in the profits.

Tennis Correct Scores: To Bet Or Not To Bet?

Betting on tennis correct scores is perhaps the tactic offering the highest odds. That said, it is also the one that has the most negligible chances of success. Why? Well, because in this form of betting, players quite literally try to foretell the final scorelines of sets or entire matches.

Match Correct Score

Besides predicting the final scoreline, bettors can also foretell which player will win the match. It’s easy to find a scoreline that’s more likely in a game between two specific players with some research. In such cases, you may find correct score betting to be quite a profitable venture.

Set Correct Score

There’s more to correct score betting in tennis than predicting the final scoreline. Yes, bettors may also attempt to predict the correct score per set. 

Tennis Bets: Are There More?

If you were under the impression that that’s all there is to tennis betting, think again! Here are a few other tennis betting strategies that are wildly popular among bettors.

Betting On Tennis In-Play

While a newer strategy in tennis betting, in-play betting, is continuing to rise in popularity. Not to mention, it is so for a good reason. All it takes to turn a profit with this strategy is accurate knowledge of the game and a standard understanding of betting principles. With that, you can easily tune into a match and place your bets on outcomes within minutes.

Typically, bookmakers let players place in-play bets across a variety of markets, allowing them to trade on pre-game bets. That way, gamblers either lock in a set amount of profits or at the least, minimize losses.

In-play markets span a great variety. For instance, you can bet on the scoreline of an individual game.

Other Popular Tennis Bets

We’ve covered all the favored tennis betting strategies, but the game still has more to offer! Yes, some bets are exclusively available in major tournaments like the Grand Slams. So let’s consider a few of them:

  • Winning Margin: Based on the number of games won, this bet can be either range or an actual number.
  • Individual player totals: This bet focuses on an individual player and depends on the total number of games or sets they win in the match.
  • Will There Be A Tie Break: Here, you place a bet on whether a certain set or the entire match can expect to see one tie break at a minimum.
  • Correct Score After A Given Number Of Games: Bettors attempt to predict the set score after a couple of games are over.
  • To Not Win A Set: This one involves placing a bet on whether a player will one set at minimum or not.

Wrap Up

The game of tennis has much to offer by way of betting in tournaments. Whether you choose to participate in the more high-profile Davis Cup or the humble ATP Tour events is completely up to you. Not to mention, there is more than one betting tactic you can try out to find what works for you.

However, if you’re just starting with tennis betting, never forget the golden rule. Place your bets only when you find value in them. Also, start small and work your way up. Now, that we’ve handed you the racket of betting knowledge, all you have to do is play some sweet bets!


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