Thursday, November 26, 2020
Hapo App

Everything you need to know About Hapo App

Hapo App is one of the top an Android application whose current version is 1.5.1 and it's providing the community way where you and I...
Data Recovery Software in 2019

Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software in 2019

From high-level business to home level, all the trendy life revolves around the latest tools of technology. And they can do their business with...
laser distance measurer

Laser distance measurer: What no one is talking about.

Life is getting very easier day by day. The invention of new technologies can make someone’s life easier. People nowadays can save their money...
Types of Technology

Modern Types of Technology

Technology is extremely useful and necessary in our times. Thanks to it, the human being has thousands of comforts and experiences that in the...
tools of kali linux

Tools of kali linux

Intro Kali Linux gives its users some of the best features for Penetration testing. It also adds new and distinct ways for hackers to develop...
Video to Audio

Video to Audio Conversion:How to Convert Video to Audio? Explained in just 3 steps...

“How to Convert a Video file to audio? I was watching a movie, and a particular soundtrack from it caught my attention. I tried...
Samsung to Showcase Selfie Type

Samsung to Showcase Selfie Type: A New Way of Typing With Front Cameras!

On 30th December 2019, Samsung declared that it will be showcasing a decent variety of projects it has been working on from its C-Lab...
Your Junk Car

Assess the State of Your Junk Car

Maybe your vehicle isn't really a piece of garbage presently! Your commencement in getting obviated by a car is to work out whether or...
examples of artificial intelligence

Examples Of Artificial Intelligence And It’s Future

The entire world is debating about the future result of Artificial Intelligence. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is proceeding to shape our future...

Tech Myths about Streaming a Business Event Live – True or False

A variety of businesses are tending to stream their videos live on their official websites. Conferences, meetings, training, new product launch, and a lot...
Machine Learning

7 Factors that will transform the future of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data

Artificial Intelligence, Big data, and machine learning are technologies that are at the forefront of digital transformation and technological revolution. I don’t know about...

How to fix an external hard drive not showing up on Mac?

Most of us use external hard drives to back up important files from time to time. External hard drives are simple: you connect it...
pdf file

Why Should You Convert Your PowerPoint PDF Files to Videos? Do this with a...

At some point in your academics or career, you will be required to do a PowerPoint presentation. In school, for example, you’ll need to...
Java Garbage Collection

Java Garbage Collection- What It Is and How It Works?

In programming, we face several coding problems, such as the Java Garbage Collection. We will guide you to every single detail about Java Garbage...
Recover Data

Can I Recover Data from Dead Hard Drive?

The most frustrating situation is one when all of a sudden, your computer hard drive stopped working with a biz-biz sound. The next moment...