Teamfight Tactics: Release Date and all updates about new Teamfight Tactics Version

Teamfight Tactics

League of legends is coming in a new mode that called team fight tactics. The expected release of this new game is 25 June.

Moreover rumors re saying ranked mode are also coming, and this version would release after few days of Teamfight tactics mode. Here I’m going to tell you what will be special In Ranked Teamfight tactics?

In this new version, how will akin work with Summoner’s Rift? There will be tiers and divisions. Players will be able to queue for ranked. The ranking depends on how many four friends can play and reach to the Gold Division. If two friends play together, then you can play in platinum or above.

The queue ability with friends is free for all game mode and seem problematic. When players are unfazed, they won’t stop the players from winning.

According to some official reports, TFT team will monitor who might be abusing players. SapMagic said, “ we can tweak if we see the widespread problem.”

You get league points when you win or lose. However, all depends on your skill as well as other opponent’s skills.

When you have a higher number of skill as compare to your opponents, then you get small LP numbers. But if your opponents have higher LP number and your skill is lower, then you will earn a lot of LP.


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