Tarot Card Readings: Can Your Perspective Make A Difference?

Tarot Card

Many professional readers admit that when it comes to tarot, there are no good cards or bad cards. But the imagery of certain cards gives us a negative impression of them that we dread to pull those out during our readings.

As per experts, all cards in tarot are neutral. Does this mean it is our perspective that needs to be changed?

Let us take a look at the cards that people generally identify as bad ones and understand their significance:

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1. Death

This card does not always indicate mortality. Death should be taken as a constructive sign. It could even mean you are creating something new out of the old. It could also mean you should end something or replace something in your life.

For example, if you are stuck in a job you hate, this could be a sign telling you to quit the job and find another one. The death card doesn’t always have to leave you depleted but gives you hope that good things are yet to come. It is all about the way you look at it, isn’t.

Well, in order to embrace new perspectives, you should equip yourself with knowledge. You can acquire the much-needed wisdom from EveryMomsPage.com and prepare yourself to accept and embrace the new perspectives that are revealed in a session.

2. Devil

Seeing the devil card can make one upset. But does it always mean addiction or indulgence? This card can sometimes mean danger or the bad is about to come, and one must immediately leave or retract.

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The other meaning of this card is that you have to focus on yourself and let go off any addictions. See, the card is only asking you to be cautious and be a better person.

3. The Tower

Usually, the tower card in tarot reading depicts destruction. It is believed that this destruction or collapse of a structure or anything in your life comes from nowhere. But is there any other hidden meaning that the tower card indicates?

Experts say sometimes the tower can be a sign of good riddance. It could mean that whatever you are about to lose will make you stronger, though it may be hard to accept it initially.

4. Five Of Pentacles

This card stands for loss and worry. It also means solitude and seclusion. So it’s time to start connecting with the community and reach out to others for help and security. To your surprise, you may find them helping you in your crisis. This card is a reminder that one should not hold on to their material possessions.

5. Three Of Swords

This card represents depression and grief. But this card also warns you to move on from a relationship where there is a lack of communication. It also depicts infidelity. Thus, warning you to be aware of any emotional trauma the future has in store for you.

6. Ten Of Swords

The ten of swords usually depicts betrayal and crisis. This card also means the darkest hours of your life are about to end.

This could be a sign that if some negative energy is hurdling your way, then it’s time to block that energy with meditation.


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