TAG Heuer – A class apart.

TAG Heuer - A class apart

TAG Heuer as a brand was first founded in the year 1860 by Edouard Heuer as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer. Later in the year 1985, another company called Techniques d’Avant Garde bought this company and renamed it to TAG Heuer. Since then, this brand has remained to be one of the leading watchmaking brands of all times and precisely caters to the luxury sector of the industry. In the year 1999, this company was again sold to another french luxury goods company, but the name of the brand remained to be the same. Over the years, the brand has gained significant popularity and has never failed to impress its audience with the incredible collections. Read on further to know more about TAG Heuer – A class apart.

The founder of this brand who is called Edouard Hueur was a master watchmaker, and some of these fascinating inventions are followed till date by different watchmakers and brands. Edouard Heuer had designed a chronograph in the year 1882, which is very popular till date and is used in most of the TAG Heuer collections of watches. He also had invented a movement known as the oscillating pinion in the year 1887, which had become very popular and has been in use even now in the modern times by many principal watchmakers. 

The Formula 1 collection 

TAG Heuer came up with the formula 1 collection to portray its belief in excellence and perfectionism when it comes to gracious aesthetics and perfect timing. All the watches in this collection are incredibly stylish and sleek and are witnesses to TAG Heuer’s extraordinary technological skills and striking style of crafting. It is also known that this entire collection has been inspired by the McLaren Formula 1 team and has certain common features. The collection offers two parallel editions, both of which offer extraordinary watches which are extremely classy and good looking and are meant for people who enjoy racing or Horology. 

The Formula 1 collection designs 

This entire collection is known for its incredible design and extremely stylish and soothing aesthetics, which makes it special and different from the rest of the collections presented by the brand. This brand has always been known for its innovation and unique styles and techniques of watchmaking, and this collection is just another example of the same. A revolutionary ceramic has been designed by the brand specifically for the Formula 1 collection, making it even more special and legendary at the same time. 

All the watches from the Formula 1 collection come in cases that are made up of pure stainless steel. It is very fascinating to know that in some of the watches of this collection, the stainless steel cases are also coated with black Titanium carbide to increase the durability and strength of the watch. The show of intervals of time has been designed by introducing very minimal stick index markers, which also come with occasional Arabic numerals. The dialogues of these watches come in different colors, which include black, white, and grey. These dialogues come in different shades and tones and express the classy aesthetics of the brand.

This entire collection has not only been designed for men but also offers a few watches for the female clients. The feminine watches are much more classy and beautiful and are often started with jewels for extra glamour and Jazz. The fluted bezel is situated at the Crown, which allows very easy adjustment of time in these watches and also adds to the interesting look and feel of the watch. These watches come with several bracelet options, which are very intriguing and also include mono-toned, dual-toned, and rubber as options. The TAG formula 1 rubber strap is a very interesting feature that comes as an option with these watches and can completely change the look and feel of the watch. 

Some of the best models from the Formula 1 collection. 

1.] TAG Heuer Formula 1 WAZ1110.FT8023 – This particular watch is extremely sleek and stylish and offers a quartz movement, and also displays the date on the dial. It comes in a 41 mm case, and the case is round in shape and is made up of steel. The color of the dial is black, and the watch is accompanied by the famous TAG formula 1 rubber strap. This rubber strap is generally black in color for this particular model and is very sleek and stylish. this watch comes with a warranty period of two years and costs Rs. 97,750. The time is displayed in hours, minutes, and seconds in this watch, and the overall appearance of the watch is extremely fascinating and flamboyant. The watch is known to be resistant to water for up to 200m and is specifically designed for men. Besides Steel, sapphire crystals are also used to make the dial of the watch, which adds to the extreme good look of the watch.

2.] TAG Heuer Formula 1 CAZ1010.FT8024 – This particular watch has an extremely stylish appearance and offers a sporty and fun look. This also comes with a quick movement and happens to be a chronograph with a tachymeter and displays the date on the date of the watch. The curse of the what is found in sheep and comes in a 43 mm size and is made up of steel. Besides, steel sapphire crystals are used to make the dial of the watch, which definitely contributes to the stunning look of the watch. The dial of the watch is black in color, and the watch comes with the famous TAG formula 1 rubber strap. The watch comes with a warranty of two years and costs Rs. 1,19,000.

3.] TAG Heuer Formula 1 CAZ101M.FT8024 – This is another super stylish watch from the formula 1 collection, which offers a quartz movement and comes in a 43 mm case which is round in shape. The watch is made up of a combination of steel and sapphire crystal and has a black color dial and comes with the famous TAG formula 1 rubber strap. The watch also offers chronograph movements and has a tachymeter attached to it. This model comes with a warranty of two years and costs a whopping amount of Rs. 1,36,000. 



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