Synthetic vs Human Hair Extensions: What Type to Choose?

Human Hair

In order to make extensions look beautiful and do not harm the health of your customers’ natural strands, experts from I Love Slavic Hair recommend using only human hair extensions. Such hair is much safer than synthetic one, which can harm the natural strands and are also very noticeable in the hairstyle.

Today we will tell you about all the main differences between artificial and natural bundles.

How Can You Tell if Hair Is Synthetic or Human?

The easiest way to determine the origin of the material is to take a small strand and set it on fire.

  • Natural hair will turn into ash. They will smell like burnt chicken feathers.
  • If you set on fire the artificial material, it will melt and turn into something like a burnt piece of plastic. Such raw materials will emit a strong chemical smell.

What Is the Difference Between Human and Synthetic Hair Extensions?

We have collected for you the TOP 5 advantages of natural bundles:

  1. Wearing comfort

Natural hair is very pleasant to the touch. 

You can easily make any hairstyle: a high tight tail or braid, curls or straight hair. 

In turn, if you try to curl or straighten synthetic locks, they may not withstand high temperatures and melt.

2. Weight

Artificial hair is much heavier. This creates additional load on the roots and leads to damaging and even to hair loss. Choose natural bundles and your hair will be safe and sound!

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3. Colouring 

If you want to change the color of your hair, then you need to buy only real human hair. Artificial curls are not subject to coloring.

4. Gloss

Natural strands have a delicate soft shine. Synthetic material looks unnatural and shines more intensively.

5. Lifespan

Artificial hair does not need care. However, they are unlikely to last you for a long time. It is usually a single-use hair.

If you follow all the care recommendations for natural curls and regularly do reapplications, such hair can serve you up to one year. 

You can buy quality human hair extensions on the website of the supplier I Love Slavic Hair. Here you will find the best hair extensions that have been gently treated without using aggressive chemicals.

The products of this online store are chosen by most Canadian hair extension stylists. Try and see for yourself: quality human hair extensions will increase the wearing time of the hairstyle and make your services more popular!


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