Syfy’s Krypton Cancelled After Season 2: Lobo Spinoff Also Dead!

Superman Prequel 'Krypton' Canceled at Syfy

Krypton Season 2

Today there is bad news for the fans of Syfy Krypton. All the reports and Hollywood both are exploring the news that Krypton series has been canceled. And this is happened just two days after the finale of season 2. Although the show has got a low rating that is also showing the culprit show. There is a drop of ratings around 1.8 million viewers as compared to season 1.

However, this significant drop off is not avoidable. And this is not a good indication for any running series. And this series is a basic show for Syfy. As the Krypton Season, 1 is one of the good rating show. But unfortunately, this sequence of ratings is minimizing badly. And season 2 is not going good to have the attention and some positive response of the people.

One of the basic star of the series “Cameron Cuffe” is also very sad after hearing such news. He is showing his disappointment in hid Tweet exhibit below:

Whereas Syfy is going to renew the series for next seasons. The Krypton Season 1 is already streaming on the DC Entertainment. And it is expected that the new seasons may stream in 2020. Moreover, production of DC Entertainment Lobo which is passed over the Syfy. The show’s producers want to buy some project that can make stories on the characters of a comic book. In this way, Lobo has been announced and Scanlan persisted while streaming the Krypton Season 2.

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The showrunner Cameron Welsh may be overseen the Lobo. And the Syfy’s latest series Krypton canceled.

But there is some good hope that the show may revise itself at sometimes in the future.


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