Swifties Think Taylor Swift gave a hint that Justin cheated on Selena Gomez

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At one side of social media when people are talking about Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun Fued , there is another point when Swifties-fans of Taylor Swift thinks that She gave a hint that Justin Cheated on Selena Gomez. Let’s find out more.

Fans think that Taylor Shaded Justin Bieber by liking a Tumblr post that said he cheated on “Best Friend” which everyone assumes is Selena Gomez.

This cheating post came just after the apology letter of Justin who defended his music manager-Scooter.He wrote, “As the years have passed we haven’t crossed paths and gotten to communicate our differences, hurts or frustrations. So for you to take it to social media and get people to hate on Scooter isn’t fair”.

A user of Tumblr Messthatuwanted wrote a post  ,“we haven’t gotten to communicate our differences’ you cheated on her best friend and then publicly sided with the man who made revenge porn against her (Kanye West) was she supposed to invite you over for tea??? F**k outta here.”

Taylor Swift liked that post, and evidence is available on her Tumblr page. Fans of Swift is talking about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber breakup and cheating scandal now.  They think that Taylor gave them a hint that he cheated on Selena. Mostly joke about this evidence while other commented about it.

“Yeah so did Selena A LONG time ago,” one fan tweeted.

“Well then…. it all comes out at last though we all knew he really did it.” another wrote.

Taylor is not the only one who has us hint about this cheating scandal. In 2015, Justin also provided us a hint when he gave an interview to a magazine,  “We were working out how to be in a relationship, how to be ourselves, who we were, in the middle of having people judge our relationship through the media,” he told the magazine about their relationship. “I think that really messed my head up too. Because then, it’s like trust and all this other stuff that starts messing with your mind. You’re on the road. And there are beautiful women on the road. And you’re just getting yourself into trouble…”

Do you think Taylor is extending her fight and moving to Justin after Braun? Share your comments with us.



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