Stranger Things Season 4: Maya Hawke’s Robin Is a Secret Russian Spy and Will Look Reliable!

Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things Season 3 is going to out in this year. And fans have started making different theories for predicting the story of season 4. Although, Netflix has not confirmed a final decision for season 4. But all of the fans know that it will come.

However, some big queries remain unanswered in season 3. And this will be answered in upcoming season 4. As the Hopper has died in Stranger Things Season 3. And the secret behind his death has to reveal. However, it will reveal in the fourth season of the series. And fans of the series will get excited for this.

Have some glimpses of Season 3 as in the below trailer:

Moreover, Robin’s big mystery also have to discover in the fourth season. As she is working as an ice-cream seller and suddenly be a part of a big gang. Some theories are potentially are exploring that it may be a Russian agent.

Season 3 is by far fans a favorite season. The show is incredible as the characters are fantastic. You have seen the Steve is a better man, Joyce is finally not obsessed with the safety of her son and instead just some magnets.

However, in Stranger Things Season 4, you will finally get to learn more about Will who though he’s the star of the show. And the main concern of most of the characters for the previous 3 seasons. The writers never really have a chance to show you in-depth who Will really is. The show suddenly became one of the best shows. As they will add more characters who will portray fantastically, making it a whole party.

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